Bloggertarian Round-Up

1. Tim Worstall reminds us that only in France can you lose $7.2 billion but not your job.

2. Dr. Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, argues that religion must be beyond criticism. Harry Haddock’s reply is a peach.

3. Is Wesley Snipes an anti-statist hero, asks Samizdata?

4. Marginal Revolution ponders whether sub-prime lending contributed to a baby boom in the US?

5. Adam Smith Institute highlights the bizarre call to ban the unintended consequences of the smoking ban. Go figure!

6. Those boys at Reason do not report too kindly on Bush’s State of the Union address.

7. Spiked urge football authorities to ‘stick the two minutes silence up your arse.’

8. Andrew Norton asks whether conservatives and classical liberals can agree on anything.

9. And finally, vote for Andrew Norton, Rafe Champion or Jason Soon in the Best Blog Posts of 2007.

Please let us know your favourite libertarian bloggers out there and we’ll update the blogroll.

3 thoughts on “Bloggertarian Round-Up

  1. Dr. Williams seems quite reasonable in his speech. It’s Harry who comes across as having an attitude problem.

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