Libertarian Leadership School

Anyone interested in political activism may want to sign up to the Libertarian Leadership School run by the American Libertarian Party. They run 6-week online correspondence courses in the same manner as you’d expect from a professional educational institution. It costs $50 ($55 Australian) per course.

If you’re interested in being a politician this is a good way to learn something and support the broader libertarian movement at the same time.

As I haven’t done any of the subjects, I’m not sure how much is America-specific and how much could be applied in Australia. But it’d be easy enough to find out before enrolling.

4 thoughts on “Libertarian Leadership School

  1. Libertarian Leadership School run by the Libertarian Party?


    Why don’t we have an Economics School run by the Australian Democrats? Or personal training by the fattest guy in the room?

  2. It is not an automatic tautology, Jason. Whilst we are decentralistic, the small, local units of government will need leaders, won’t they? And perhaps they’ll actually teach useful stuff, like how to organise parties and events for The Cause. And how to avoid ego-mania. I belong to a Toastmasters’ society, which is effectively decentralised, and we still need leaders at the local level, as well as having leadership at Headquarters level.

  3. I wasn’t laughing at the tautology Nicholas. I was laughing at the idea of the LP teaching people how to achieve political success.

  4. True enough!!!
    I recently saw an article at, exclaiming that Ron Paul had already won, really. I thought victory would be different, and why are the other parties still having primaries???… Oh well, time to apply for a job in the new administration of President Paul!

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