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An interesting idea. A wiki forum to help Kevin Rudd think of policy ideas.


On April 19, 2008, Kevin Rudd is inviting 1000 “experts” for the Australia 2020 Summit to come up with Australia’s next big idea. For the rest of the 20,699,000 people in Oz, here’s our forum to list and vote on the best ideas to improve Australia.

Have fun.

9 thoughts on “Oz Ideas

  1. The YouTube video on that page makes me sick.

    Already found a few ideas I support though… and they aren’t all getting voted against. Seems there is hope yet.

  2. As they say vote early, vote often.

    Wetpaint is a crap wiki and hardly warrants being called a wiki.

  3. The youtube video on the site made me chuckle. Personally I think it is wise for Brendon Nelson to play the bipartisan approach for now. The Liberals are best off looking humble because until they revamp their policy strategy they don’t have a vast amount to say. Also Rudd is super popular at the moment and in politics it sometimes makes sense to hang out with popular people. It makes sense for Rudd to play the game because it makes him look magnanimous and inclusive. However politics will get back to normal soon enough. The current ALP honeymoon won’t last forever.

  4. Being humble doesn’t mean agreeing to everything… They could agree not to block something in the senate, but advertise their objection to it. That way they get bragging rights when it goes south.

  5. Yes but do all the Liberal MPs object? Brendan Nelson is managing disagreement within his own ranks. I think he is better placed to do this successfully than Turnbull. I think Nelson is doing a good job. He is making room for the party to reconnect with it’s grass roots by holding off on specifics. He can’t do this forever but for now it is the right strategy (IMHO).

  6. Pollies have these summits when they are bereft of ideas and lack the courage to tackle the difficult issues.It is all just an expensive distraction.Bob Hawke had them and nothing of substance ensued.

    Real leaders can smell and taste the reality themselves and know the way forward.Kevin does not inspire me.He is a practised bureauocrat who will put his own survival before the welfare of the masses.

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