George Bush is funny

Whatever you think about the policies of President George Bush Jr., it’s easy to see why he’s such a successful politician. He has a sense of humour (something not as obvious in Obama, McCain and Clinton). For the average voter unconcerned with the details of policy it’s probably hard not to find Bush at least somewhat likable.

Or try this especially amusing one.

5 thoughts on “George Bush is funny

  1. I’m with you David, I love the guy, Reagan had the tendency to fluff his lines occasionally too. A radio show, “How Green was my Cactus” sent this up brilliantly in their “Ronnie and Nancy” episode.

    Ronnie: “My fellow Arabians”.
    Nancy: “Americans, Ronnie, Americans.”
    Ronnie: “Oh yes Americans, gee Nancy I hope this don’t mean I’ve just bombed Detroit.”

    The ability to laugh at themselves like Reagan did and Bush does is a good thing and unfortunately too rare in politicians, especially the type of narcissistic bastards we seem to end up with. Bush is a great guy and very sincere, and in my opinion will be proven right in the end.

    People tend as you say, to misunderestimate him.

  2. “it’s probably hard not to find Bush at least somewhat likable.”

    I’ve read this in other locations (e.g. Andrew Sullivan) and I don’t get it. I’m not playing dumb here, I really don’t understand how Bush is likable at all. I generally despise priveliged idiots and don’t see why he should be an exception.

    “Bush is easy to underestimate, like Ronald Reagan was. History will be kinder to him than the current commentariat.”

    Because they will look back on the great successes of his preisdency, such as……?

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