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VIVA, or the Vegetarians International Voice for Animals, are picking a fight with Pete Garrett about the planned culling of 400 kangaroos on government property in Canberra.The Minister for the Beds are Burning is being made to sweat by none other than Sir Paul McCartney, who has urged Australians to protect kangaroos from ‘a barbaric industry that slaughters them for meat.’  Quite what business it is of Sir Paul, who lives on the other side of the planet, will have to remain a mystery.  Or Chrisse Hynde for that matter. Or Heather McCartney.

McCartney’s message of loving the ‘roo was posted on the website, This site helpfully points out that 6.5 million kangaroos are legally culled every year.

And we are arguing about 400?

The whole animal rights movement is as bonkers as the Vatican’s ‘Sins and Penances’ Chief.

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  1. Do these people realise there are approximately four times as many Kangaroos here than before white settlement?

    There are plenty of other animals that need saving, and quite a few feral mammals and fish that need eradication.

    Quite frankly we’re losing out financially if we don’t start responsible harvesting of Kangaroos.

    So I conclude VIVA are anti-environmentalist and anti-worker.

  2. Paul McCartney etc have as much right to make kangaroo culling in Australia their business as Australians have to make whaling by the Japanese their business.

    Which is fuck all.

  3. That conclusion would have taken a whole second, which means you used up one of those seconds that the International Committee for telling time gave to us all recently. What else have you done with your time, Mark?
    And ALL the animals need saving! I’ve been preaching only to humans! How Anthropocentric of me! First, we send our English teachers to teach whole-phonetics to any and all critters, THEN we tell them about Jesus, Then we cull/kill them, content in the knowledge that we’ll all meat/meet in Heaven!

  4. Watching Pete get beated up by the green extremists is something I wouldn’t have expected ten years ago. Now it seems to be a regular event.

  5. indeed, Terje. poor old Pete can’t seem to put a foot right at the moment. i almost feel sorry for him.

  6. I think Pete’s getting a taste of his own medicine. I don’t feel sorry for the hippie who can’t dance. He got in to a senior parliamentary position like he wanted. – Definitely no sympathy from me.
    But I’ve got to admit, ever since reading Patrick Moore’s website, the ever extreme greens are just so predictable with their nihilism and mother earth spirit’s magic equilibrium nonsense.

    I strongly agree with Mark’s comment #1.
    We should be killing more kangaroos. They’re plentiful and extremely dumb, perfect for meat, leather and some quack beauty creams. And I would love to try roo tail. That’s where all the fat is and it’s supposed to be quite tasty.
    I don’t see why they couldn’t be farmed. Are there currently regulations stopping the farming of kangaroos? Or do farms already exist?
    I also don’t know much about the current permit system for killing roos, but I’d bet de-regulation is in order.

  7. Although it is highly regulated, the system of culling kangaroos is not all bad. An annual quota is established based on population surveys with tags issued to licensed commercial shooters. These are needed to sell kangaroos.

    Individual landowners can get permits to cull more, but are not allowed to use them commercially. That’s a serious waste of good meat and skins and the main regulatory bugbear among non-professional shooters.

    The Kangaroo Industry Association website explains more from the professional shooter perspective:

  8. Tim, you’re just a sicko who just wants to eat Skippy!!! She’ll be your friend evertrue! How could you??!! Who will rescue the obnoxious ranger’s kids now???

  9. Cheers David.

    Nicholas, I have been know to enjoy some Skippy from time to time. I’ve worked through lunch today, and all this kangaroo talk is making me hungry.

    I’ve done a tour of an Ostrich farm in Sth Africa. They use everything they can. The feathers from different parts of the animal have different properties and can be used for differnet products. The eggs are used for art, decorations and occasionally eaten, the meat is very common, popular and tasty, there are shops that sell nothing but ostrich leather, and even the farms themselves are big tourist attractions.
    Maybe some enterprising types could work out a way to make money from kangaroo farms in a similar way.

  10. I agree that it’s silly… though I have absolutely no problem with anybody on earth having an opinion on anything. If McCartney wants to talk about kangaroos, then what is important is the quality of his contribution, not the colour of his passport.

    DavidL’s point is a good one. Except that kangaroos taste better than whale.

  11. It is silly that it is illegal for landowners to use kangaroo commercially. Are they able to sell hunting rights to their own land to commercial cullers?

    Emus are already farmed for their leather.

    Apparently emu and kangaroo prosciutto and jerky are quite good.

  12. Mark Hill, you really are gullible, you say there are more kangaroos now than before white settlement, how do you know this???? Did they have planes doing arial counts back then?? I think not, therefore dont make comments that do not make sense. Perhaps try thinking for yourself instead of taking the standard lies generated by people who want to profit from a kangaroo industry. If you all believe the myth like you do, then it makes it OK to kill them.
    Please make sure you really know your facts before you speak.

  13. And Tim R, you are the same as Mark, think about it, how do you actually farm a kangaroo?? How do you herd it, how do you divide them properly for breeding so you know which ones you would kill?? How do you worm and dip them for paprsites because they have plenty of those, no doubt you have ingested a few in your time…good luck with your health. Kangaroo farming has already been viewed as fairly impossible for these reasons. Plentiful and extremely dumb?…take a lok in the mirror

  14. ‘How do you worm and dip them for paprsites because they have plenty of those, no doubt you have ingested a few in your time…good luck with your health.’

    This is not correct. Kangaroo meat is ‘harvested’ from the field and sold for human consumption with minimal concerns about health. The reason (as I understand it) is because, whatever parasites they may have, the great evolutionary distance between them and humans makes it relatively safe for human consumption compared say, with pigs etc.

    There is no need for you to worry about how kangaroos will be farmed. Entrepreneurs will figure it out whenever the wankers such as Paul McCartney are willing to pay for the values they want to bullyrag and force other people into paying for against their will. He’s got loads of money: why doesn’t he *pay* for those kangaroos to be looked after?

    The issue is not really about kangaroos, since the animal liberationists can have all the kangaroos they want if they’ll pay for it. The real underlying issue is whether the people in favour of kangaroos should pay for their own values themselves, and voluntarily pay for the costs of keeping the kangaroos, or whether they should be able to use government to force other people to pay for their values.

    *I’ll* keep the fucking things, at whatever standard of fencing is required. Just pay me more than I can now get for keeping sheep and cattle.

    Hello? Sir Paul? Fionix? When can I expect your cheque?

    Nasty violent wankers.

  15. Just a small point, but kangaroos are actually subject to very few parasites. They don’t need controlling very often and control methods are not a problem in any case.

    I won an essay competition during my veterinary degree writing about the farming of kangaroos. The essay was a bit naive on economic grounds, especially as I didn’t take into account capital costs (ie fencing), but otherwise its conclusions were valid – kangaroo farming would be quite viable.

    The main barrier is regulatory.

  16. There are regulatory barriers affecting ownership, transport, slaughter, processing and selling.

    It’s a bit like what the crocodile farming industry faced, except crocodiles are ugly and nasty. This is about Skippy.

  17. Why are there more Kangaroos now then before white colonisiation? Because there is vastly more open land (as opposed to forest) with vastly more grass (grown with non-naturally occuring phosphorus fertilizers) and also vastly more permanant water supplies. These prevent mass deaths from starvation and thirst, as would have been natural.

    Yes, we have no accurate count from before white settlement, so the point can’t be proven beyond doubt one way or another, but I’ve yet to hear an even half convinving argument for why there should be less kangaroos now then before colonisation. Lots of native animals have done poorly, the roos did very well.

    And as others have said, there would be no issue with domesticating and farming them if it was profitable to do so, and the main barrier to that is the Government.

    (As an aside, they are poor feed efficiency converters, but have a huge range of diet – they can eat bloody anything.)

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