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The Australian Libertarian Society (ALS) doesn’t have a way for people to officially “join”, so besides the ALS board (Terje, Sukrit, Jon Hoyle & myself) there is no real indicator of how many people are a part of the ALS family. Until now.

The ALS supports free-markets, individual liberty and decreasing the size of government. We want to foster discussion within the libertarian world, and also between libertarian and others to explain the libertarian approach. We use a broad definition of libertarian, including anarchists, minarchists, objectivists, utilitarian libertarians, moderate libertarians, classical liberals and anybody who generally believes that people should control more of their own lives.

If you agree, then please use this opportunity to show your support. I’ve created a support page, which is linked at the top of the website and also on the side column. Show your support by leaving your name, and I’ll regularly update the list.

3 thoughts on “Support the ALS

  1. you guys should acquaint yourselves with democracy. not ‘parliamentary’ democracy, not ‘representative’ democracy, but the real thing.

    it would suit you better than any other polity, in as much as there is no government in a democracy, only a clerical and managerial bureaucracy carrying out the will of the electorate.

  2. Why would a clerical and managerial bureaucracy carrying out the will of the electorate suit libertarians better than any other polity?

    And how do the bureacracy find out what is the will of the electorate?

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