Of Interest

1. Oh the shame. Power useage in Sydney actually increased during Earth Hour last night.

2. Any political party looking to write a new environmental policy would do well to take a look at these Top Ten Tips from Depleted Cranium.

3. Sir Posh-Double-Barrelled-Surname, ex-head of Shell wants all cars that fail to run at more than 35 miles to the gallon banned. Shame he didn’t think of that during his 39 years at Shell.

4. Ever wondered how much you should charge for a job interview?

5. Is this George Orwell’s Ministry of Love?

6. More casualties in the War on Drugs.

7.Yobbo points out that a line of cocaine is now cheaper than a pint of beer.

8. More support for John McCain from libertarians.

9.Michael Totten on why Kosovo and Israel have more in common than you might think.

10. A review of Paul Krugman’s article praising bank regulation. ‘Let’s party like it’s 1929’.

11. And finally, the blog hit of 2008, ‘Stuff White People Like’, has secured a book deal.

6 thoughts on “Of Interest

  1. The one about being paid for a job interview is a scam. It’s just a variation on an employment agency – you register your details and prospective employers supposedly contact you.

    Except the employers are theoretically desperate enough to pay you to come in for an interview. Not likely.

  2. The article on bank regulation had some interesting factoids that I didn’t know. They tend to reinforce my existing view. The comparison with Canada is neat.

  3. We couldn’t make it to Earth Hour this year but we managed to watch some of it on TV. 😉

  4. last year about half of our street turned their lights off. this year, none. Australia is fast becoming the land of the empty gesture – first signing Kyoto (without actually committing anything), then apologising to the Stolen Generation (without providing them compensation) and now this vacuous exercise.

    can’t wait to see what comes next – compulsory hairshirts for our school-children? re-introduction of the cilice for all white males? fasting on a Sunday to atone for all our sins?

  5. Just before I read your comment pommy I was thinking that Earth Hour is kind of like the sabbath. Some ultra othodox Jews don’t use electricity on the sabbath because it requires people to work in power stations.

    Empty gestures and an endless fascination with sporting competitions seem to be a good fit. But if it’s voluntary, cheap and it makes you feel good then why not.

    What is more of a worry in my view is media reports that some universities turned off the lights and then also had to close pedestrian access to parts of their campuses because of concerns about personal safety. That seems like dumb with a capital “D”.

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