LDP – Australia’s only “registered” libertarian party

LDPAs many of our regular readers probably already know, some of us here at the Australian Libertarian Society are also affiliated with the Liberty and Democracy Party (LDP). I stood as a senate candidate for the LDP on the NSW ticket at the 2007 federal election and I was a member of the National Executive up until January 2008. The LDP is a moderate party of reform with a core libertarian philosophy.

Peter Whelan (current LDP President) has asked me to help promote the NSW division of the LDP as it works to build up party membership in NSW. A lot of people may not realise that registering a political party is a very onerous task and membership is a key regulatory hurdle. A party can only contest elections if it is registered in the relevant juristiction. Whilst the LDP is now registered for ACT elections and for Federal elections it is not yet registered for NSW elections. So if you’re not already a member of the LDP and you would like to see the LDP on the ballot at the next election then joining the party is an easy way to lend a hand. Being a member need not entail any effort at all other than confirming your membership as and when the relevant electoral commission asks you. You can even join for free.

The NSW division meets every third Thursday of the month. You can join the party on the evening. The details for the next meeting are on the LDP blog:-


The main website for the LDP is here: http://www.ldp.org.au/

The ALS and the LDP are independent and separate organisations.

30 thoughts on “LDP – Australia’s only “registered” libertarian party

  1. Do you get a show bag with membership? Or at least a chorus of scantily-clad cheerleaders to sing and dance as you are inducted into the party? Where’s the marketing know-how to make the party more appealing?

  2. Thanks, Mark! How much does it pay? I sure hope there’s no rot about doing it for love, or for the party! And I’d prefer it in gold coins, please. Why should the Taxman have sleepless nights worrying about it? Far better if he doesn’t even know!

  3. Nicholas – in my experience within the party the pay grade is not so hot. However if as a libertarian you truely believe that voluntary civil society is a viable way to get the dirty jobs done then here is your chance to match rhetoric with action. And seriously the effort involved in merely joining is 5 minutes filling in the form a stamp and an envelope. If you need some fanfare then open a bottle of beer to celebrate your initiative. If you need your ego stroked come back and tell us when the job is done and we will all give you a virtual pat on the back. Ask not what your party can do for you, but what can you do for your party. 😉

  4. Well, I’m glad Tintin was chuckling at the end of your paragraph, Terje. And here I thought the L&D party was all ego-driven! But the show-biz effect was mentioned because people actually like that sort of thing! Perhaps you can have a fanfare routine on the form- when you get an request for membership, the screen lights up with pictures of dancing girls, that sort of thing. If we can’t have the real thing, good fakes are needed!

  5. We also need to lift our game down in Victoria. The main issue is we are aged between 20ish to 27(almost) and still busy trying to build our own lives. It’s a struggle having monthly meetings together. Some senior members not intent on highjacking the party would be ideal.
    I had an idea of listing an event on Facebook as “National LDP Sign Up Day.” Provide the link to the sign up form and start sending out individual messages to people claiming to be of the libertarian mindset. Possible even print out some hard copies and do hand-outs in the streets. Everyone love government hand-outs 😀
    We are also working on targeting a range of demographics over the coming months.

  6. Jim – You can now read my full comment at the end of that article. In short I’m not overly impressed by the logic used. Lower taxes do not equate in my view with harder work. Quite the opposite in fact. Lower taxes raise productivity and make work easier.

  7. I commented too. Note must be made of effects on people with different work/leisure preferences as well as the role of increased capital investment.

  8. I have decided I will not vote Liberal any more if Nelsona or Turnbull is the leader. LDP looks pretty good to me. one thing though, the media was saying LDP support incest between two consenting adults? Is this true? I don’t think I agree with that father-daughter incest from WA on TV recently. They should never be allowed to have children. What’s your take on this? Cheers.

  9. The LDP does not support incest. One of our candidates gave it as a (poor) example of a victimless crime when discussing other victimless crimes (riding a bike without a helmet, smoking pot, etc) with the media.

    Incest is not a victimless crime with children involved and the LDP does not support the legalisation of incest.

    Personally (and this is not party policy) I would be sympathetic to the father-daughter situation if there were not children involved. But they are having children- and those children are at risk which makes them really quite selfish.

  10. Never was LDP policy to support incest. It was mentioned by a candidate in a discussion on victimless crimes – who, in fairness was probably quoting from a preamble to a policy on victimless crimes (the policy said nothing on incest, but the general discussion in the preamble mentioned it as an example of one).

    I don’t believe incest is (in the case you mentioned anyway) a victimless crime – so it was a bad example to use.

    For the record, I don’t speak on behalf of the LDP (though I am a member).

  11. Thanks for the response, guys. My application form is in the mail now.

    I do think we may need more PR, because a lot of people are misled by the media to think LDP is some kind of extreme freaks group.

  12. I do think we may need more PR

    Well, once we receive your application you’ll be eligible to join the fund-raising and marketing committees. We can always use fresh ideas.

    Unfortunately we can’t control the media we can only control our own output and policies.

    Remember, though, that the media portrays the Greens as an extremist group filled with freaks (and some may agree), but really on a world level their policies are quite moderate- in-line with some governing countries in Europe.

  13. “…but really on a world level their policies are quite moderate- in-line with some governing countries in Europe”

    Uhm… that’s because some countries in Europe are extremists. Even their right-wingers have socialist tendencies.

  14. that the media portrays the Greens as an extremist group filled with freaks

    have you read their policy page, Shem?

  15. Process the LDP as if it were a business. Develop a marketing plan, determine your demographics, set long term and short term goals, create incentives for existing members to recruit others. Create budgets, find ways to generate income(der, you lot should be able to do that!). If you don’t you’ll just bumble along as usual.

    Oh yes, for heaven’s sake troops get yourself some savvy media reps and get out there and say something! I have never heard or read an LDP commentator. That is your first big challenge, find a path to the mass media.

  16. have you read their policy page, Shem?

    Have you read ours? Both are about as much a departure from the status quo as the other.

    Socialist Alliance is a larger departure from the status quo than either.

    Extremist, while possessing negative connotations isn’t necessary a negative term, but rather a term that refers to radicalism.

    Greens policy is not a RADICAL departure from the status quo. There a lot of words I can think of to call the Greens, but they are not “extremist”, at least no more than the LDP.

    I doubt Greens policy if implemented would see more than a 5-10% increase in government spending. That, to me, is not radical.

  17. that the media portrays the Greens as an extremist group filled with freaks

    have you read their policy page, Shem?

    Comment by pommygranate | April 18, 2008

    Perhaps missing the point? At least they get in the media. Any news is good news!

    Your link to the ALS at the top right hand goes to a wordpress blog! Sheesh, policies people, point them to the policies not your rants. Using a blog to advertise anything is half baked crazy.

  18. We need a bill of rights in this country to protect the individual from the government..Big is no good for anyone.”A government big enough to give you everything you want,is a government big enough to take everything you have.”GET RID OF THE HACKS.

  19. You have Cory Bernardi on your list as libertarian. What a joke. Didn’t he want to ban the hijab?

    Libertarian means less government in all spheres of society, not just business regulation.

  20. Centre – you need to read the description as your mouse hovers over the Senator’s name.

    “Not a libertarian but one of the most free market people in the Senate”

    We also have EROS/the Sex party, which are very socially liberal but are a it commo.

    Credit where it is due old bean.

  21. The Liberal party are a conservative party. Under John Howard the bureaucracy grew bigger than even that of the Hawke or Keating era. There were so many jobs on offer in Canberra, they couldn’t be filled. Bernardi was part of that club and enjoyed all the junkets that came his way.

    A great example, is the changes to the family payments system introduced by Howard. For an explanation:

  22. Um yes we know all of that. However I never tire of bringing it up of course, or putting it to Bernadi on Menzies House. Ah good times.

    The fact is he is basically one of the few voices who will speak in the Senate against the Greens. If you want a question to be put to them, who are you going to write away to? Penny Wong?

  23. initially i was pretty optimistic when i heard about the LDP, too bad their idea of tax reform is still an income tax, wouldn’t it be more libertarian to have a consumption tax? does the state have a right to the fruits of your labor?

  24. It’s much more libertarian to have only a consumption tax. But progress is best achieved through gradual increments.

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