Will I Be A Second Class Australian Citizen?

Victorian schools are being encouraged to begin assemblies with a ‘Welcome to Country’ ceremony acknowledging the traditional Aboriginal owners of the land.

Victorian Principals Association President, Fred Ackerman, heartily encouraged the trend describing it as ‘good practice, and appropriate’

To illustrate the offensivenss of this ‘appropriate good practice’, let’s take an example from my home country.  Imagine if schools in England began their assemblies by reminding England’s growing population of Arabs, Pakistanis, Indians, Chinese, Slavs and Africans to ‘respectfully acknowledge the [Angles, Saxons, Danes, Jutes, Normans and Celts] who are the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which we stand.’ 

Fair enough?  No, of course not. It would be rightly slammed as offensive, divisive and appallingly racist.  One of the great features of citizenship in England and in Australia (i thought) is that all are equal in the eyes of the law. This new direction would mean judging people by the colour of their skin rather than their personality; it would mean valuing them on the basis of their ancestors not themselves. It would be racism and it would be wrong.

So why is it ok in Australia?

In July, i am due to take my Citizenship Test, having been a permanent resident in this fine country for two years. Am i right in thinking that i will be a second class citizen in Australia because i am not ‘indigenous’?

Andrew Bolt has more.

Update I – my sincerest apologies for using the word ‘indigenous‘. I hadn’t realised that it is no longer politically acceptable to use it. I wasn’t aware that it ‘robbed the traditional owners of Australia of an identity’. Won’t happen again.

Update II – thanks to Andrew Bolt for the link to this post.  Check out the comments section for an ancient English history lesson!

22 thoughts on “Will I Be A Second Class Australian Citizen?

  1. G’day, Pommie. What a fine “Welcome to Country” for people like you, hey? I’ll be lazy and just cut-n-paste my rant on this from another forum:

    Dear Aborigines, 1st-wave settlers, 2nd-wave settlers, 3rd-wave settlers, etc.,

    Although I am an immigrant, I had thought that once I pledged my loyalty to this great country in my Citizenship Ceremony I was as much a “fair dinkum Aussie” as anyone else here.

    Thank you, Lefties, for making clear to me that that is not the case. However, rather than going around begging permission of and then offering thanks to anyone who’s been here longer than me in order to go about my business, I think it may be time to return from whence I came.

    I was lucky enough to have lived here during probably the most exciting, optimistic, prosperous years in this country’s history, but I honestly don’t feel comfortable with the direction Australia is heading at present, and do not feel confident in my place in it.

    Please forward a cashier’s cheque refunding the past couple of decades’ worth of tax remittances I have paid, and I’ll chuff off tout de suite, NBO.

    [/only partly tongue-in-cheek]

    alienated third class aussie of an inferior tribe
    Fri 02 May 08 (10:09am)

  2. I don’t know. Maybe lefties are jealous that recorded in history in Australia only goes back 220 years. Maybe this is their way of making up for it. Maybe it is just their way of glorifying Australian history. Maybe they don’t have the motivations we suspect and which anger us.

  3. Mark Hill, they are not “glorifying” history but changing it. They have conclusively decided, in the absence of any evidence, that whites are guilty of the “genocide” of the Aborigines, and now they are deliberately trying to erase recognition of all of the good things that have happened in this country since settlement – or is that, “invasion”?

  4. Mark

    My children are taught extensively at school about the Aboriginal tribes who settled Sydney before the whitefella arrived. I think this is great and teaches them that Australia was not ‘founded’ in 1778 but colonised by a bunch of British crims. Respect and understanding for different people and different cultures is a mark of a civilised society. But i want to know that i am equal in the eyes of the law.

    As an aside, a lot of the families in our street are Chinese. They, like us, are confused about the patronising fawning by middle class whites to ‘indigenous’ people. They also wander whether they, are in some way, an inferior people.

  5. Alienated

    To be fair, it was an ‘invasion’ from the Aboriginals point of view. However, societies and cultures have been the subject of takeover and invasion since the dawn of time. It’s not pretty but there’s no value or benefit in dwelling on the injustices of the past. England was invaded by the Romans, the Germanic tribes, the Normans, the Danes, the Vikings and now by effeminate guilt-ridden liberals. With the obvious exception of the latter group, i have no truck with any of these peoples.

  6. We DID invade their country and take it all!! But I agree that citizenship should be about the present and the future. I bet the germans don’t have ceremonies where they beat themselves over the head because of the Holocaust.
    And Australians can’t be guilty of genocide- the Aborigines are still here! Australians in the past assumed that Aborogines would die out by natural means, and some of them assisted the process, but it was not policy, and it was not systematic.
    Perhaps we should have a Right-wing version of history which we compel people to believe? To match the Left version?

  7. Once more. When I hear the word ‘appropriate’ I reach for my revolver. If these nutty two-figured IQ public-school teachers want to acknowledge the “aboriginal” owners, they must wait until the aborigines win a war and thus achieve legitimate “ownership” of the land. Until then, the “aborigines” can just suffer through “Advance Australia Fair” like everyone else.

  8. Perhaps we should have a Right-wing version of history which we compel people to believe? To match the Left version?

    #6, “The truth” might be a good start.

    For instance, we did not “help” to wipe out Aborigines. We saved the half-castes who were being systematically “genocided” by their own because of the sin of having a portion of “white” blood. See “Truth is a sharp spear” just for starters.

  9. Holy shit am I tired of this rubbish.

    Yes, it’s true. People distantly related to Corey down out the front of the CBA in West End, lived in Australia before people distantly related to me came.

    So what? That’s what history classes are for. The Maori, and the Aboriginals are about the only real indigenous groups left. The rest were wiped out by the people we call indigenous in their respective lands. That’s just the way things were until *very* recently. It’s time to move past the sort of backwards thinking divisive rhetoric.

    Besides the “pay homage to the Saxxons”, how about on emigration to England you have to learn to do some ceremonies in Summerian, or Babylonian… That’s where all us whiteys came from originally – How far back are we talking?

  10. The First Fleet was a State Make-Work program.

    Will the “Welcome ceremony” put one Koori kid through University? Will it stop one Koori kid from being raped by their dad? Will it help them buy their own house or hold down a job that gives them a sense of self worth? No. It’s pure tokenism and it’s all the latte left ever want. They want to blame someone else then they want to make a token effort that costs them nothing and then they want a pat on the back. Well fine you may have your pat on the back but you won’t be forcing any kids of mine to pay lip service to your lazy morals.

    If you think that any of my above list of western goals are not for Aboriginal people then you are a racist. If you think that people should be treated differently in any way because of the colour of their skin, be that differential treatment positive or negative, then you are a racist.

    The sad fact is that the Aborigines of Australia have been maltreated ever since the British set foot on these shores. It’s also true that all of this treatment has been caused indirectly by the ignorance of well meaning people.

    The well meaning Government official sent convicts and settlers to Australia who didn’t know that the land was occupied by people who had never before been introduced to the concept of land ownership. As a consequence these people clashed violently.

    And ever since then, the State, on behest of loud mouthed, ignorant but well meaning people have sequestered, impoverished and institutionalized the lives of countless Aborigines. First the God bothering missionaries and now the Naomi Klein reading latte left who feel that having a good job and a roof over your head is not the right way for Kooris; an inherently racist opinion.

    We would do very well to leave people alone to live the lives they wish to, free from government meddling. This goes for Kooris as much as it does for white people, gay people, muslims and members of the modified community. Amen.

  11. Primary school kids get more of this politically correct crap pushed on them now than ever before. I think it’s highly damaging for these kids. I think this will make the kids grow up to be even more ammoral and cynical than their parents.

    I think lefist attitudes arise from a collectivist view of the world.
    They think a race, or country or whatever they want to call the “greater good” is a higher power than the individual. This justifies attempts to equalise races at the expense of individual rights eg/ affirmative action law.
    Only someone who thinks of collectives and not individuals could think that they today are somehow to blame for a so-called invasion that occured 220 years ago. Everyone involved is dead now!
    Collectivist “higher power” thinking is also a justification for politically enforced altruism, just like religion.

  12. ” Imagine if schools in England began their assemblies by reminding England’s growing population of Arabs, Pakistanis, Indians, Chinese, Slavs and Africans to ‘respectfully acknowledge the [Angles, Saxons, Danes, Jutes, Normans and Celts] who are the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which we stand.’ ”

    Didn’t you get the memo? It’s not racist if directed to white people.

  13. Thanks Pommy,

    Winston: I recently read an amazon review of Capitalism and Freedom. The reviewer whined that a “privileged white male” had no business telling us what Freedom meant. The reviewer was himself a white male and went on to recommend we read “The Shock Doctrine” by Naomi Klein, who is a White Woman.

    It’s great that occidental people on the whole have mostly woken up to the stupidity that is racism. That is no excuse for being an ignorant fool who goes off half-cocked with a half-baked opinion straight from somebody else’s mouth. That’s exactly the kind of nonsense that led to racism in the first place and does nothing to close the gaps of disparity in income, education and health. Thankfully the cure is so easy that even your typical lazy lefty thinker would be able to do it: Leave people the hell alone.

  14. Actually if he watched any of Free to Choose, he would have realised he wanted the Chinese, etc to be free so they could have the same opportunities that were afforded to him and his immigrant parents.

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  16. I think the indigenous/aboriginal thing is just an adoption of the American practise of changing the acceptable term so that others, mainly white people, are kept off balance and made to feel that they are walking on eggshells.

    Re “invasion”. I don’t think it was for most aborigines, although for some it might have been. Invasion suggests images such as armies charging up the beaches or large formations riding over the plains with drawn swords killing left and right, and burning anything they could. The settlement of Australia really seems more like the gradual migrations of peoples into Europe over the millenia in which there was certainly some local violence, but which usually involved one culture outperforming and replacing another.

  17. The Britons would be the equivalent of aboriginals in England, who were invaded first of all by the romans.

  18. I am a British aborigine, of sound Celtic and Pictish stock, and I take serious offence at the implication that any of the Angles, Saxons, Danes, Jutes and Normans were ever the traditional owners and custodians of any part of the British Isles. And I want to know why I have never heard any suggestion of an apology from Australian aborigines for not having prevented the loss of my ancestral culture.

    By the way, Australia wasn’t invaded by the British, it was infiltrated. This actually makes a lot of difference to what happened, once you know what the technicalities amount to.

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