Going solo (sorta)

After faithful service to the Catallaxy Corporation, I’ve decided to pair up with Legal Eagle, another lawblogger of note, and try to do something both interesting and profitable. Our new blog is skepticlawyer.com; I explain happenings in a bit more detail over at Catallaxy. There’s plenty of stuff up already, although of interest to libertarians is this piece on Rawls and Hayek.


3 thoughts on “Going solo (sorta)

  1. Hmm, academic legal blogging. Not exactly a huge market for that SL. You’re going to have to dumb it down enough to make it relevant to us plebs or you’ll be solo for sure.

  2. Ummm, we do do stuff other than lawblogging, as you may have noticed… IIRC you are something of an opera aficionado. I do heavy metal – and there’s a lot of that up there!

  3. good luck skeptic – im looking forward to seeing how you manage to dumb down academic law 🙂

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