6 thoughts on “…but you can’t deny that you are Big Business

  1. Nobody opposes profits, so long as only the right people are making them. 😉

  2. I’m fascinated by this assumption that big business is inherently bad, while small business is fine. Both Labor and the Liberals trot it out regularly.

    It implies poor customer service and lack of investment are acceptable, even desirable. If a business invests and looks after its customers, it usually flourishes and grows. Before long it’s a big business, and therefore bad.

  3. Don’t you see, that once a business gets big, it draws the wrong kind of attention from legislators, media, licensing bodies and bureaucrats under socialism.

    So to stay in business, they need to resort to PR and lobbying efforts to gain favor, to be protected against competition, or even to continue to operate unrestricted and unhampered in a free market.

    This doesn’t look good to the lefties in our society, they think the problem is big business when the real problem is big government pulling all the strings and levers.

  4. Tim R. Michael Moore makes lots of movies defending big business ..

    That is … HIS big business of making blockbuster documentaries that attack the idea of big business.

  5. David,

    I don’t like the compact that exists between a lot of large enterprises and government. I think that this is in essence what many people object to when they characterise big business as bad. Not that I would characterise big business as bad because this would be too much of a generalisation in my view.

    I don’t think it is the state of being big that causes most people concern. Of course “many people” is not “all people” and some people just hate stuff because they hate it.

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