knot tying lesbians

knotLeading the way were Del Martin, 87, and Phyllis Lyon, 83, who exchanged vows and rings in San Francisco’s ornate City Hall within minutes of the legal change last night. Mayor Gavin Newsom, who officiated, drew a ripple of laughter from the guests by warning the couple: “The contract of marriage is most solemn. It is not be entered into lightly, but thoughtfully and seriously.” The pair have been together for 55 years.

The legal change, which makes California the second US state after Massachusetts to sanction gay marriages, came into effect after the state’s Supreme Court struck down a ban on homosexual marriage last month.

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11 thoughts on “knot tying lesbians

  1. oh great, just what the world needs! I’ll bet now lesbians will get together and start breeding lesbians all over the place! (In accord with Political correctness, I suggest that we replace Lesbian, which Greeks of all sexes object to, with another term, perhaps ‘gayette’? Mixed groups of gays and gayettes could be co-gay.)

  2. political correctness is nothing more then censorship with a shit load of spin behind it

  3. I can’t imagine why they want the approval of the state so badly. Only 200 years ago you could get married in a church, on a ship or various other places and simply write it in the back of the bible. The marriage was recognised in the common law courts but the government neither knew nor cared. I imagine you could have married your pet parrot if you felt like it (provided it said I do).

    These days, formal marriage is subject to Commonwealth legislation and invokes a whole series of legal consequences that are not necessarily positive. There are good reasons for not going there, gay or straight.

  4. Yeah but when people tell you that you can’t go there then sometimes the incentive is higher.

  5. @3 Marriage in the US entitles people to several extra rights such as hospital visitation, tax benefits, adoption laws, ect. Granted I feel that the government should have no involvement in marriage I will say that under our current system there is a preference given to married people.

  6. 1. Gays should have equal rights.

    2. Marriage is best left to private law like related estate law it should belong to.

    3. Conan, with some editing of grammar, that could become an ALS quote.

  7. Well, how about we use ordinary courtesy, and let all the inhabitants of Lesbos, most of whom are heterosexuals, travel abroad without fear or ridicule?
    Sappho of Lesbos made Lesbian a sexual term, so we could use Sapphonista, or Sapphonite.

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