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  2. Yes GetUp are a bunch of socialists, but I think there’s room for a libertarian version of them.

    It could be called HandsOff!, like GetUp! it would be non-partisan, but would campaign against givernment regulation, interference, and nanny statism.

  3. I don’t think GetUp are a Labor front, at least not explicitly. I would call them more of a socialist front.

    They probably have a few Labor people in there, but I reckon many more would be Greens and Socialist Alliance supporters.

    They campaigned pretty hard for Labor in the leadup to the election because they hated Howard, but now Rudd’s in he’s not socialist enough for them.

  4. People here seeing GetUp through left-right, capitalist-socialist, lib-lab, libertarian-interventionist prisms are sprouting the kinds of C20 nonsense that has got us as far up shit creek as we are.

    All we’ve seen here is rational video, timely and well-made, from an organisation that is is more issues-based than ideological and (relatively) more bottom-up than top-down.

  5. Just because GetUp is bottom-up and issues-based, doesn’t mean they don’t hold political positions that can be identified. They have clearly and consistently supported policies which involve more government involvement and a distrust of voluntary coordination. That means they are interventionist. It is therefore not surprising that many GetUp members are Green/ALP supporters.

    While a libertarian version would be nice, there aren’t enough libertarians. It’s difficult enough to fill up a few groups and one political party… let alone proposing that we spread our efforts even thinner. If libertarians want to help they should support a current group, not create yet another micro-group.

  6. While a libertarian version would be nice, there aren’t enough libertarians. It’s difficult enough to fill up a few groups and one political party…

    Comment by Temujin | June 21, 2008

    I reckon you’d be surprised if you got out there and spread the message a bit more. You might find a fair few who are libertarians without knowing it.

    Here you need to take a leaf from Getup’s book.

    It’s ironic really, for an organisation that generally opposes the marketing practices of corporates (and possibly marketing in general as a tool of capitalism), the one thing that GetUp does quite well is market itself.

  7. I think GetUp are probably best defined as a political activism group who aim to get leftist governments in power and keep them in power, while continuing to lobby them for their own pet causes.

    This makes them in practice, if not in theory, a Labor front.

  8. Thanks David, but I’m thinking groups that have political interests but are independent of the political process.

    In order to agitate for smaller government, and for greater responsibility by individual citizens for their freedoms, beyond the demands of the welfare state, I think it is necessary to have individuals working outside the political process. There’s no point in fighting for greater freedom from an interventionist government if no-one does anything with that freedom.

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