Education freedom in India

If ya’ll were thinking about donating to a charity but don’t want to donate to Oxfam (because they’re anti-free trade) or Amnesty International (because they’re anti self-defence), then consider sending money to the School Choice Campaign in India instead. The campaign is run by the libertarian Centre for Civil Society (CCS) and gives poor kids a chance to escape from wretched government schools by offering them an education voucher redeemable at a school of their choice. The CCS doesn’t accept any government funds, which means it’s a genuine independent non-governmental organisation. And the President of the Centre, Parth Shah, is a supporter of free-markets and individual liberty from way back.

In related news:- My father, Sanjeev Sabhlok, has written a book where he talks about how a voucher program could work in India. He also draws on his economics and civil service background to suggest a range of other reforms that will help India’s 250 million people who live below the poverty line. The book, tentatively called Breaking Free of Nehru, is being published by Anthem Press later this year, and basically argues the case in favour of discarding India’s socialist past. I will post more info in a few months…

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  1. Are Oxfam really anti-free trade? OK, they want to meddle in markets a bit to fit some arbitary definition of ‘fairtrade’, but they did a good job recently of slapping down Gordon Ramsay when he suggested that food imports into the UK should eb banned.

  2. Well I guess they’re only pro-free trade for rich countries…because when I looked on their website it said they favour continuing the destructive protectionist policies of the past when it comes to poor countries.

    Their site says:
    “To stop rich countries from forcing (sic) developing countries to prematurely open their economies to agricultural imports”

  3. The site says that and there are food riots? I would have though exports from Australia, the US or Ukraine would be considered gratiuitous at the moment.

  4. Oxfam along with a lot of other leftist welfare-lobby groups are going to have to rethink their policies soon. Helping the poor and supporting leftist causes were always mutually exclusive, but now it’s becoming very obvious.

    What’s prompting this is rising food prices, caused mainly by growing affluence in China and India but helped along by diversion of land and crops into biofuels plus droughts in major producing countries such as Australia.

    Support for low yield agriculture (eg organic and subsistence), opposition to free trade and to yield increasing technology (eg genetically modified crops) are not exactly defensible when people are dying.

    It’s a bit like the climate change panic brigade refusing to accept nuclear power. Reality has to catch up eventually.

  5. But.. But… but… but if the Indians stop being socialistic, they might catch up with us! They already speak English better than we do! Whose economy will we look down on then?

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