Happy Lurkers Day!

In past years many blogs declared the 21st of September as lurkers day. I’m not sure if it is on in general this year but I’ve decided to declare the 21st of September (and the rest of the week in fact) lurkers day at the Australian Libertarian Blog. The idea is that if you’re one of those people that reads the blog but doesn’t generally comment then this is your chance to set aside your coy tendancies and say hello. Let us know you’re there by saying something brief in the comments section (or something not so brief if you like). Maybe you could tell us about how often you read the site. Or perhaps what you like or dislike about it. Or maybe just let us know what corner of the world you’re from. Either way happy lurkers day to you.

22 thoughts on “Happy Lurkers Day!

  1. Bloody good idea Terje; Come on you wimps, join in.

    Seriously some new blood would be great but watch out for Temujin, (he’s a bit pedantic, but generally tolerable), well sometimes when he’s in a good mood.

    Avoid Nicholas’s jokes and you will be OK.

    Seriously people, Join in.

  2. Hi Terje
    Lurkers Day, eh? I enjoy reading your comments here and at Catallaxy. I’m not a libertarian proper(wrong gender, apparently; wrong occupation; wrong background) but enjoy reading this & other libertarian/liberal/political economy blogs which help me to challenge & refine my thinking (or procrastinate when I’m supposed to be working, like now). It’s just a hobby in my free time(!) and much more fun than Better Homes and Gardens, for which I probably am in the right demographic). In general, I love reading ideas, love humour, and hate abuJCse. On behalf of other lurkers (who, like me, just sit back and enjoy the free ride) thanks for your efforts.

  3. Hmm I suppose I could comment a little more.

    Jim may feel differently but I’m not critical of people who don’t comment and the intent of this post was certainly not to suggest there is anything wrong with silence. It was merely an opportunity for those that prefer to not comment in the general flow of things to simply say hello. I’m quite content if they then leave the stage and go back to being part of the audience.

  4. Terje; I think you will need to get help from Sukrit if you want to make the case that my comment above was anything other than a good natured ‘comeon’.

  5. I want to let you guys know, I did my part in popularizing both Lurkers day and the ALS. I have posted a bulletin in my libertarian group of nearly 16,000 members and plugged both the ALS and TerjeP for pushing the idea. Hope this helps you guys get a few more lurkers.

  6. The term lurker has an alternative meaning in my vocabulary. It means someone who is taking advantage of a “lurk”.

    It has been in idiomatic use for as long as I can remember but the first time I remember reading it was in one of Frank Hardy’s novels, the Outcasts of Foolgarah. As a communist he saw it as an obligation to find ways to cheat the system, whether it was the boss or the government. These days we might call it a rort, but lurk didn’t carry the implied disapproval.

  7. I’m a lurker at about 1/2 doz blogs incl Catallaxy and Currency Lad, I’m not a libertarian as such but enjoy most of the posts and spirited commentary. I know 3/5 of buggerall about economics and financial markets therefore happy to sit and listen (or watch).

  8. Hello Lurker’s all!

    Like Mark I read for opinion, and express mine rarely. I too dislike abuse and threads that don’t stay on topic.
    RSS is the way to go it dosn’t take long to catch the drift of posts and RSS can give you leads on what I think will inform me.
    Keep it up I fear blogging may die?

  9. I don’t know if I’d call myself a ‘lurker’ – I do comment a bit but I tend to read more than comment, not through shyness rather not finding the time (especially at work!) to craft a proper comment or response, especially when debating the finer points of politics philosophy.

    I also comment on the Age (where I’m often seen as a right wing neo con for daring to disagree with the resident Marxists) and Andrew Bolt (where I’m sometimes seen as a leftwing pinko commie for daring to disagree with the resident religious conservatives). That says to me we’ve got a lot of work to do for people to understand what libertarianism is all about.

  10. ‘Lurk’ sounds like ‘Lark’. I suppose that’s why it was chosen.
    My name is Nicholas, and my jokes are alright. Judge for yourself!
    Q. Where do owls sleep during the day?
    A. In hoot-els!
    Nothing wrong with that. Even if you don’t laugh at that, some innocent little pre-hoodlum might get great enjoyment out of it, and you’ll have made the world a happier place.

  11. I occasionally post.

    I wish there were fewer informative comments, I don’t have time to wade through the frivolous…

  12. …Like the idea. This lurker came via Samizdat, ChaseMeladies, and Kiwiblog. Freedom is the issue…nothing else. Barry Goldwater declared himself in favour, 1964, Reagan, Thatcher…any of our Australasian pollies ever spoken up for it?

  13. Casual hello to all. I’m actually a big fan of this blog: every post gets RSS’d until I’m ready for it. I’m quite interested in continually learning more about politics and economics, as I’m interested in how personal ideologies influence decision making and herd mentality, that sort of thing. Whether it’s friendly debate, abuse or long comment threads, it’s all fine with me. Thank you, free speech.

    I mostly don’t comment since I don’t have much to add. I can hand out compliments if it’ll help keep you bloggers blogging! My favourite bloggers are TerjeP (who’d be an excellent voice of reason in the Senate), JC and Temujin (great work on the Declaring Independence CIS paper) and commenters Jono and DavidLeyonhjelm.

    I’d like to see more of Left vs Right too, that idea has a lot of potential.

  14. An interesting idea, Patrick, though we don’t seem to have too many leftward libertarians here. I used to think that libertarians couldn’t be lefties, but a strand of libertarian thinking has a liking for smaller units of government, along commune lines. I don’t think we here have any advocates for that, but if we do, they should start speaking up now!

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