When the Democrats regulate- part 1

Tax on Trades Should Be Part of Rescue Plan, Some Democrats Say

By Laura Litvan

Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) — A group of House Democrats is proposing to make Wall Street companies and investors pay more of the cost of any financial rescue plan through a new tax.

In a letter sent late yesterday to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 16 Democrats asked her to ensure any rescue legislation include a “transaction tax” on all U.S. stock trades and on other types of trades, such as credit default swaps, options and futures. They are proposing the tax would be at a rate of one quarter of one percent on all trades.

“The same Wall Street speculators and investors who are principally responsible for having caused this avoidable financial crisis and profited from it must now be required to pay for it, not U.S. taxpayers,” according to the letter, which was signed by Representative Peter DeFazio, an Oregon Democrat, and Representative Pete Stark, a California Democrat.

In a news conference today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she would support some mechanism that could return more funds to Treasury coffers if the $700 billion to be spent to acquire troubled investments isn’t later recouped. She didn’t endorse any specific proposal and suggested it is likely to be explored later.

“You might make a judgment down the road that there is a shortfall and it should be covered,” Pelosi said.

One thought on “When the Democrats regulate- part 1

  1. Sixteen of them came up with this ??

    And 16 of these geniuses couldn’t figure out that the only people left in the game paying these taxes would be regular investors and day traders, and the smarties ( well, maybe not that smart ) will just move offshore ??

    And who is to collect this tax and audit the collection ?? One thumping big re-write of computer software and a pile of bureaucrats and form filling to police it ???

    Hallelujah – a new way to layer bureacratic excess on with no obvious cost-benefit analysis.

    And even better – Speaker of the House Pelosi allows that Joe and Jill Schmuck Taxpayer ‘might’ come up short one day on the acquisition of $700 Billion in toxic assets…..and we might have to think about it in due course ?

    Is someone adding LSD to the food in the Congressional cafeterias ???

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