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New Zealanders head to the polls on the 8th of November. Unlike the last election where the Nationals promised tax cuts and Labour promised business as usual this one seems to offer a lot more contest in the tax cutting stakes. Some media reports make the election seem like a tax cut auction. Not only has Labour just delivered tax cuts (just in time for the election) but the smaller parties are apparently getting in on the act with suggestions such as the removal of GST on food or a tax free threshold for income tax (apparently they don’t already have one in New Zealand). Even the New Zealand Greens seem to be in favour of income tax cuts with revenue replaced using pollution taxes (the New Zealand Greens have always seemed slightly less socialist than their Australian brethren).

New Zealand is blessed with two political parties that advocate smaller government (three if you count the National party). Libertarianz is a pretty pure libertarian outfit and has yet to place a candidate in office. The other party is ACT which is comparable in some way to the LDP in Australia except that it has actually had candidates elected to parliament. ACT has recently come out with an idea that is quite dear to my heart which is to hold growth in government expenditure to the rate of inflation (I wonder where they got that idea). In other words instead of shrinking government they would simply allow the private sector to grow faster than government. 

The polls seem to tip the Nationals to win. Labours Helen Clarke has been PM since 1999. I wonder if New Zealand could survive without her.

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  1. I just noticed these have been sitting up for a while, and nobody wants to talk to you so I’ll take pity on you. LOL

    I have had a look at Libertarianz in the past but not ACT which I found interesting. I don’t know what they mean by cutting taxes down to Australian state levels, I always thought they were lower than ours.

  2. Well the head to the national party and the likely PM was my former penciller (trader’s assistant) for a time. he used to go and pick up my car from a service. Loved doing it too..

    He’s a good guy and love to see the first former FX trader as PM.

  3. Loved doing it too..

    Fake sincerity – an essential requirement in any aspiring politician.

    NZ will survive without Helen. They’ve got electric starters on jumbo jets now so a kick start is not needed.

  4. New Zealand is great for Medieval Fantasy Films, and and… Medieval Fantasy Films! And Sheep. And weird movies….. And they’ve got more snow than us, so they’ve got us as tourists in Winter…
    I think they’d be better off as two states of Australasia. holidays are the first things slashed in emergencies, so their economy will do worse than ours. But would NZ drag us down?

  5. I think they are far better off outside Australian federation that within. Although I do think they would gain a lot if they fixed the NZ dollar to the Aussie dollar, although probably not at par. They would get better access to credit markets for starters.

  6. You must be hurt by the fact that he completely fails to mention being a penciller for JC on his resume

    of course I am. His bio should mention he was JC’s penciller and gofer for a time.

    He was a good trader, but of course I was better 🙂

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