Public service announcement: 2009 Kennard Freedom Prize

The Institute of Public Affairs is putting on a new essay competition with some pretty lavish prizes: The 2009 Kennard Freedom Prize.

There are typically fewer submissions to most essay competitions than one would expect, so the chance of winning a prize is quite high.

And for the Kennard Freedom Prize, there are lots of things to win. There are two first prizes – one winner will head to Las Vegas for FreedomFest, and another winner will head to the Property and Freedom Society Conference in Bodrum, Turkey.

Furthermore, every entrant will go into the draw to win one of two Apple iPhones. And each entrant will also receive a one year subscription to the IPA Review.

The website contains all the information about the prize, including runner-up prizes, as well as a resource bank of online material on liberty in Australia and overseas. The competition is open to those who were born after 1st January 1981, and are Australian or New Zealand residents.

11 thoughts on “Public service announcement: 2009 Kennard Freedom Prize

  1. My hopes have been dashed. You forgot to post one of the most important details:

    The Kennard Freedom Prize for 2009 will be awarded to essays that examine how individual liberty can be defended against government.

    The Kennard Freedom Prize is open to anyone born after 1 January 1981

  2. I assume it involves a personal essay, rather than an academic essay with reams of references.

    Oldies can feel free to make suggestions and proposals for those young enough to enter, if they wish..

  3. There is a difference between expectation and knowledge! Just you wait…
    Everyone wins in any case, every entrant receives a one year subscription to the IPA Review.

  4. I already subscribe to the Review, I don’t need two copies.
    Hope I can trade it for a slab of beer or a voucher from Borders. If I start now I might have 1001 done before it’s due in Feb.

  5. i really wanted to participate, too bad i’m not resident of both of the countries you indicated. but oh well…!

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