Election day

Today is election day in the USA. One day every four years Americans get to have their vote ignored. This year the serious choice is between Bob Barr and staying home, but the outcome with either be President Barrack (lets bomb Pakistan) Obama or President John (the government will buy your house) McCain.

In the name of choice, both candidates believe in spending more government money, both are opposed to privacy, both support huge government spending on defence, health, education and welfare, both want campaign finance reform, both want a carbon trading system, both oppose gay marriage, both support the IRS and both support the war on drugs. There are some important differences though. Obama is black. And McCain is old.

Good luck America.

Trick or treat

In other news, retrenched Lehman Bros employees staged a protest outside company headquarters. A photo of the protest is below…


16 thoughts on “Election day

  1. All of this is true (including the Lehmans picture), and someone should write an article on it and publish it in a CIS or IPA publication to be read by a few hundred or thousand keen political enthusiasts.

    Politics is dirty. You might be able to win the war on the wargaming board, but the real war is won in the trenches and that involves taking stances in situations like this. Stances that are deeper than ‘Obama is the nicer guy and the rest of the world will think things will get better ’cause he’s black and ran a campaign based around “change”‘.

  2. Should Mr. Obama win today–which appears very likely–he will be the first American to be elected president as a man who was raised in an urban upbringing. What an enormous sea-change this election will bring: Marx’s old dichotomy of ‘town versus country’ is going to be played out in America for at least a decade, perhaps much longer.

    A guess? The urban man elected president who personally benefited from reverse racial discrimination policies will be able to elevate ‘victimhood’ to sacrosanct status, all in the name of “change.” Watch for a cabinet-level ‘Department of Gender Equality,’ or perhaps simply, ‘Department of Equality.’ Look for make-work government programs for unskilled and uneducated people who otherwise cannot hold a job (‘Department of Equal Opportunity’), paid at highest union scale; and especially watch for a plethora of new organizations calling upon tax-dollars to finance their victim membership (‘Department to Eliminate Elites’).

    Big day, today. Gonna pay for it for many years to come.

  3. Those cars are crap. There have no roof racks, no towbar and nowhere comfortable for the kids to sit. I would have thought bankers could do better than that given the money they make.

  4. You tie the kids on the back. the engine keeps them warm and you don’t have to put up with constant calls to play the wiggles.

  5. Sorry Australia. I voted for Bob Barr in hopes the LP could get the 5% which would mean we would be in the debates next season. It does not look like we will make that 5%. I also voted against the massive amounts of bonds they wanted here in California.

    Ron Paul would of won.

  6. That’s all right, Riley. At least your heart was in the right place, on the left side of your body. I’m sure you did all you could. It’s not your fault you couldn’t raise enough money for some hit-men.

  7. Hey, Riley, now’s the time to emigrate and be a cofounder of Kimbertopia, the Kimberley Libertarian Utopia project, an idea we keep kicking around here. All Aboard!!!

  8. Bob Barr might still appear in the debates next year… all he needs is Sarah Palin to go all maverick and pick him as her vp candidate 😉

  9. Kimbertopia sounds alot warmer than the Free State Project’s New Hampshire (I have been there in the Autumn and it was cold). I always thought freestate Queensland would be a better idea 🙂

  10. I reckon we should just take over Norfolk Island. It’s already an income-tax haven, though we’d have to do something about import duties.

  11. Kimbertopia would have more success. We could play off Indonesia and Australia, perhaps even granting Indonesia a few bases on our border with the Commonwealth of Australia. There is also a point I raised before, which still seems valid.
    When Australia federated together, the States were not defined. Hutt river Province is a microstate which still exists within W.A. (Google it!) This means that if we could persuade W.A. to define itself as before, except without the Kimberleys, that might be constitutionally valid, especially with the precedent of Hutt River!
    The Kimberleys also get lots of fresh water in The Big Wet, and St. George’s Basin looks like a good spot for a harbour. The capital could be called Lockeston, a town in honour of John Locke, the philosopher of freedom.

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