The case for gun control

The Australian Libertarian Society supports the rights of gun owners, and I have blogged previously outlining the case for more liberal gun laws. But in the name of balance I thought I should post the below video outlining one set of arguments for gun control.

10 thoughts on “The case for gun control

  1. Oh, come on. Pull the other one. “…In the name of balance…”? This is just a video supporting your views, not giving your readers any idea of both sides of the story.

    Please don’t try to mislead people.

  2. Irony? Really? I thought it actually had a fair few good points myself. Occupational Health and Safety is very important.

  3. It’s the strongest argument I’ve ever seen for Gun control. I do feel they might have stolen some of their arguments from the drug prohibition people.

  4. According to one paper yesterday, we do have liberated gun laws in NSW. The Shooters party has more clout than we realised! Who else saw that item?

  5. From your article: “However, 93 per cent of all firearms used in murders were unlicensed and unregistered.”

    Naughty murderers.

  6. charles — the relevant statistics are total murder, not firearm murder. And with regards to public policy, the relevant information is the change in the trend.

    If you do a rain dance in the middle of a thunder storm, it is wrong to conclude that your rain dance caused the rain to continue falling. 🙂

    The facts are clear. Tight gun laws do not lead to a safer society. But they do hurt a large minority of people and cost lots of money. They fail all rational benefit-cost analysis and are maintained simply out of bigotry.

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