Climate Youth

Meet the guys and gals at Hitler Climate Youth. You won’t find a posher, whiter or more earnest bunch of kids anywhere west of Point Piper.   Check out the size of that smile on the guy in the white shirt at the back.  

Their objectives are straight from K Rudd’s Little Red Book 

1. Build Capacity

(No, not generating capacity that would actually keep people warm in winter) but ‘support for member organisations’ capacity to carry out their own youth climate initiatives’.

2. Inspire: Build the youth climate movement
In just one short paragraph they have managed to find room for the words outreach, communication, training, diverse (x2), cultures, engagement (4 times), empowerment (x3), mobilization. 

3. Educate and Empower 
AYCC will educate, facilitate, educate, empower, enable and mobilize. 

4. Mobilise: Ensure youth climate organisers are included in decision-making
AYCC will ensure governments and business hear, and act on, young climate organisers’ voices at local, national and international decision-making on climate policy.’  Now they are really starting to sound like Hitler Youth.

5. Maintain a democratic, effective and inclusive coalition 
Key Orwellian bingo words in this short paragraph – strive (x2), democratic, functional, coalition, engages (x3), delivers, commitments, mission, youth (x3)  empowering (x2), effective, advocates.

6. Inform on adults who use the garden hose on Tuesdays or who leave a light on when they go out for dinner

ok – i made that bit up – but i bet it’s in next year’s agenda

Where do kids so young learn these empty words?

Their bios are here – it gets creepier and creepier.   

via Tim Blair

20 thoughts on “Climate Youth

  1. What happened to Scouts and Guides? They passe these days? Just waiting for them to burst into a round of ‘DYB DYB DYB; DOB DOB DOB’ followed by a chat about B-P.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Scouts and Guides; this seems to be a rather pallid substitute, however.

  2. skeptic – – i was a scout. the difference was that we never rammed the views of our Dear Leader (Baden Powell) down the throats of the rest of the British population and ordered them to adopt our policies.

  3. What are they doing to mitigate climate change, salinity, feral animals?

    Are they investing in renewables, renewing riverine vegetation or shooting rabbits or catching carp and redfin?

    Planting trees?

    So they are not environmentalists?

    I’m confused.

  4. Holy crap, I’m quite sure I know some of them *facepalm* If they are who I think they are, this is sadly just a new middle

  5. Reminds me of WATERMERLONS …

    ‘Green’ on the outside, RED on the inside

    I believe president Kalus (Czech Republic) when he claims:

    “The largest threat to freedom, democracy, the market economy, and prosperity at the end of the 20th and at the beginning of the 21st century is no longer socialism, it is, instead, the ambitious, arrogant, unscrupulous ideology of environmentalism.”

  6. As Terje suggests, don’t underestimate the hormone factor here. Using a political or social cause as cover for getting a root is not exactly new. When I was in Young Labor that’s what motivated about 90% of the members (both genders). I’m told Young Libs are no different. Commitment to the cause is as deep as it needs to be to get laid.

  7. The best available science says that a minimum reduction of 40% of Australia’s carbon emissions by 2020 will ‘solve’ climate change ??

    Hope they don’t take that one to any international forums….on that basis the obvious global solution will be pin-point airstrikes against Australia’s power stations, aluminium smelters, steel works and cement mills – and neutron bomb strikes against Sydney and Melbourne. That should eliminate enough industry and Per Capitas to save the world then !!

    With luck they will just go back to bitter dialectical battles with the Climate Coalition of Australian Yoof and the Coalition of Australian Yoof for the Climate – in between bonking each other.

    I have a strange sense of deja vu ……..

  8. what do we libertarians have to do to attract a hot babe to the cause?

    i suspect that is what is behind Humphrey’s anti-war stance.

    i shall have to sign up with Green Left and start wearing Che T-shirts.

  9. But didn’t Berlusconi say the women on the left of politics were uglier than those on the right?

  10. Davids anecdote might help to explain the size of that smile on the guy in the white shirt at the back.

  11. Pommy, and others-
    What we need is celebrity endorsement! Is there a famous actor or actress who can be persuaded to support liberty? We’d get a lot more supporters then! (Even girls!)
    Alternatively, we could host a ‘smaller Government’ night, and give awards to people who have reduced government powers over the past year. If we make those awards silver and gold medals, the publicity would recoup the cost. (If it’s on TV, it’ll be popular!

  12. nice idea nicholas

    i believe Kurt Russell and Clint Eastwood are libertarians but the celeb list is not long – it’s not a touchy-feely enough movement for most.

  13. Drew Carey, Howard Stern, John Stossel, John Larroquette, Penn Gillette, PJ O’Rourke… dunno of any high profile Aussie libertarians though.

  14. Dick Smith and John Singleton are the only two I know who have some fame, but would they look good in a bikini? Dick has some daughters, I believe- maybe they could endorse less government! (By wearing less clothes)

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