Banning life

Every year the government introduces new laws and regulations controlling how we live our lives. The free society is being steadily replaced by the controlled, managed and regulated society, as statists enlist politicians to ban “naughty” behaviour and micro-manage our decisions. Here is a review of US bans in 2008:

10 thoughts on “Banning life

  1. NG I suspect like me you are at work, and Youtube links get filtered out by your firewall. A sign of things to come under Rudd/Conroy’s net censorship perhaps?

    Anyone care to list a summary of the bans?

  2. I think Mencken said it best when he summed up puritanism as “The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.”

  3. I’m reminded of the John Hewson interview with Andrew Denton in which John was asked what it was like growing up as a Baptist. John replied that Baptists fear sex because it might lead to dancing.

  4. The real question is what to do about it.

    When they banned chewing gum in Singapore, sticking gum to train seats became an act of defiance. Many normal people disapprove of petty regulation and find little ways to defy it without attracting attention. I ignore quite a few bans myself.

    With so many bans it’s impossible to enforce them all, so it becomes a question of numbers.

  5. A friend of mine is of the view that it’s okay to have lots or laws and regulations because Australians are smart enough to know when to ignore them.

  6. “Banning life is exactly what I think these controls ultimately mean.” Tim R.

    Human fertility is below replacement level in all the so-called “advanced” countries (that are run by a strong political class). These parasites are driven by a culture of tax-maximization that allows them to enforce their ever growing shitload of legislation. So it’s no wonder they’re killing the people off.

  7. The tax rules are already thicker than many encyclopaedias! We can’t help but ignore them! I guess that’s the easy way to be smart, TerjeP! We will all be automatic members of MENSA, at this rate!

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