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Bush is gone. Obama is President. So far he has been a great President… but I fear it’s only going to get worse from here. Below is the mob at Reason talking about their hopes & fears from an Obama administration

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10 thoughts on “President Obama

  1. My biggest concern came from his speech at the inauguration where he said that American use far too many of the world’s resources. The obvious corollary being he should be pleased with the current recession then.

  2. it was a good speech. and he is a damn fine orator.

    who knows – he may just have the support to push through some unpleasant but needed measures.

    i thought he handled the Middle East message well – wanting to engage more with Muslim countries but reminding them that ‘they’ must change not America.

  3. There is some outrage today that former Clinton Policy Director Robert Reich, now Obama’s top economics policy advisor, was caught on video at a committee hearing, endorsing employment discrimination against White Males. Not once but twice during his remarks.

  4. Yes, but only AMERICAN white males! A lot of them voted for him, so they’re going to get what they deserve!

  5. My, such optimism. They must have interviewed these people right after they ingested every form of candy, sugar and energy drink known to man.

  6. The real losers are, of course, most African-american men. they have just lost the excuse that blacks can’t make it in America- what will they do now- work for a living? I foresee real dental problems from all that grinding of teeth!

  7. Nah, I don’t think it’ll be quite that bad… not in Australia anyway. Actually, I get annoyed at our PM continually talking things down. It’s a classic under-achiever tactic: If nobody expects you to succeed, then they don’t blame you for failure… but if you get lucky, you’re a hero for beating the odds.

    That… and the fact that – for the moment – my own business is still booming. What recession? (touch wood)

  8. that’s very funny, fleeced. he is a classic underachiever isn’t he?

    He’s been whining about the economy since the 3rd day has was PM. Then it was the boogey man of inflation . Now its termed as the GFC in perfect underachieving public servant’s lingo that he knows full well.

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