9 thoughts on “Rudd’s Stimulus Package

  1. Ronlad, otopict – this is a blog for people who don’t think the government is the answer to our problems.

  2. Ronald, Otopict. If the answer is the government, the question must have been- What causes more trouble than it solves?

  3. “Has anyone read Krudds essay in the Monthly yet? Iā€™m off to buy it now.”

    That sounds like deviant behaviour. šŸ˜‰

  4. Pedro it’s certainly sado-masochistic behaviour. It is a most painful read. So far the Glass-Steagall repeal (by Clinton!) is getting a pounding from Rudd as he thinks allowing investment banks to diversify into deposits isn’t a good idea and partially caused the current crisis. Um. What?

    I shall continue reading in between bouts of vomiting with rage.

  5. The man hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about! On sub-prime lending; “…Were the bubble to burst, the links to the mainstream commercial-banking system, with its implicit government guarantees, meant that the state (not the market) would be left carrying the can. This is the essence of the neo-liberal legacy now left to tax-payers”

    So a big government handing out guarantees to financial institutions and therefore removing the risk part of risk/reward is somehow the fault of the free market? Kevin Rudd has accidentally written a diatribe against Big Government meddling in private transactions. Well done!

  6. We have to slash spending during a recession. Cambria has claimed that this is not the case but so far has not emerged with an actual argument. I’m pretty shocked that the rest of you have not been calling for massive spending cuts. Why the ignorance of economics?

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