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You’ve probably heard of Nadya Suleman – the US mother who recently gave birth to octuplets.  I just stumbled on this story, and found it quite amusing.  She had told NBC News that she was not receiving welfare, but it turns out she receives $490 a month in food stamps, as well disability assistance for three of her first six children.  Her publicist (!) provides the money quote, as he explains:

“In Nadya’s view, the money that she gets from the food stamp program … and the resources disabilities payments she gets for her three children are not welfare,” he said. “They are part of programs designed to help people with need, and she does not see that as welfare.”

It’s only welfare if you don’t need it…  Priceless!

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  2. she already has six kids three of which are “disabled” i did not know ADHD was a disability damn so lets have eight more and see what that’s worth, good god great gene pool lets keep those genes reproducing. Hope these children find the cure for something to pay back the country for raising them.

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