Free Trade Petition

At a time where the specter of  economic protectionism is once again rearing its ugly head, the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, in partnership with the International Policy Network, is launching a major international campaign in support of free trade. This is to be unveiled on April 1 before the G20 summit.

As part of it, a petition has been launched to extol the virtues of free trade in ensuring prosperity and peace. I strongly urge everyone to follow the link to read more about the program, and to sign the petition.

4 thoughts on “Free Trade Petition

  1. I have signed the petition in my capacity as a director of the Australian Libertarian Society.

    Given what the petition has to say about trade and peace I wonder what it says about trade embargos and economic sanctions. Should the USA trade with Cuba and Iran?

  2. Interesting point – and one I think probably hasn’t been adequately addressed by libertarians in Aust.
    Future blog post from one of us perhaps!

  3. I think the protestors at the summit will make more news than a peaceful petition. Can’t we start a rowdy demonstration in favour of free trade and peace?

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