Be patriotic and pay your taxes

Another good video from the mob at Reason.

The government in America wants the rich to pay more tax and promises that the poor won’t pay more. But the poorest 50% pay under 3% of income tax and the richest 10% pay over 70% of income tax. Perhaps those people who leach off the government ought to pause for a moment and be thankful that some people are out there earning money to fund their hand-outs.

5 thoughts on “Be patriotic and pay your taxes

  1. Michael, can you point us to countries that lowered their taxes? Did they then do well? That would compliment the other sites.
    And I’ve heard that Michael Caine is going to quit the UK because of the tax hike. He won’t be alone. If Switzerland were really smart, the country would create an English Canton, where English is the first, but not the only, language, because Switzerland has some very good features, like high rates of gun ownership and thus very low burglary rates, etc.

  2. Eventually that top tax bracket won’t be as productive as it once was. Eventually the middle class will see a considerable tax hike to pay for everything the rich were paying for.

    Here in California we have a State Income tax, and a rising state sales tax, local property taxes and various other fees, taxes, shadow taxes, and BS to pay. A big problem we had was that our housing prices went from $100k-$200k in 2001 to $400k-$500k in 2007/early08, the property tax payout doubled and in many cases went up 5 fold for people (folks who were taxed at the $100k rate when they bought their house a long time ago paying $1000 per year who now bought a half million dollar house and pay $5000 per year). Our local governments saw all this money coming in and figured the gravy train would never end so they drastically increased government spending. Well now its a bad situation, housing prices have dropped back down to pre-2000 levels but spending has not. Where is all this money going to come from?

    Despite all the collection, our state government is practically bankrupt. We saw a rise in our Sales tax earlier this month, if we see a rise in income tax people will leave. California is at least in one of the top 5 most tax heavy states in the entire country. The governments grew as a result of extra funds coming in from the economic bubble, now the economy is taking the necessary contraction but government spending is not.

    The result is higher taxes on the ‘middle class’. First with a sales tax increase (8.75% here, and I believe in LA county it is 9.75%). If they increase the income tax the wealthy/productive people will leave. While emigrating from America is a pain in the ass and is relatively rare, leaving the state of California is trivial.

  3. I’d say it’s absolutely unpatriotic to support income tax.

    People who gain a sense of moral superiority for paying their taxes (in the context of our current society) are unfortunately deluded.

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