Celebrate Capitalism on Sunday

This Sunday is Capitalism Day. A positive occasion for celebrating capitalism. A moment to reflect on all that capitalism has brought forth in the way of prosperity and peace. Have a happy Capitalism Day and please help spread the positive story that capitalism offers.   

Capitalism day was invented by Prodos. He has an excellant website promoting the occasion. The flag shown on the right is the official Celebrate Capitalism flag. That Prodos got married under the flag (pictures on website) is perhaps suggestion of the festive attitude we should take towards the occasion.  


The LDP has a facebook event you can join if you want to hook up with other enthusiasts.


Capitalism Day is not a counter protest. It is a day for positive reflection and action. Prodos neatly sums up the essence of capitalism with the key motto “I own my life!“. A simple phrase that powerfully acknowledges personal responsibility and asserts liberty.

5 thoughts on “Celebrate Capitalism on Sunday

  1. Is it just a coincidence that Capitalism day falls on a long weekend? Is this what he hopes will replace The Queen’s Birthday?
    I have been reading, and I think that an even better day would be August the first. On this day many years ago (I think it was in 1833), Great Britain officially ended slavery throughout her Empire, not just in Britain. This could be Freedom And Enterprise Day!
    Still, a good idea. And with interesting Astrological correlations. The City of London is connected to Gemini, ruled by Mercury, the planet of quick minds. We are passing through Gemini now!

  2. Nicholas – Capitalism Day has been around since the 1980s. It is on the first Sunday of June each year. I don’t think anybody will be in a hurry to change the day.

  3. Still, we can also celebrate August 1st as Anti-slavery day. In addition to Capitalism Day

  4. Let’s not forget- Magna Carta, 1215, on June 14. It’s a sunday. It’s the closest thing to a constitution that England has.

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