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As part of our efforts to engage with the millions of freedom fighters from around the world who use twitter to share ideas and help build the libertarian movement, the Australian Libertarian Soceity is finally on twitter.

To those of you who have already entered the 21st century and use Twitter, you may follow us at @AusLibertarians. To those of you who are not on Twitter yet, you are only delaying the inevitable…

5 thoughts on “ALS on Twitter

  1. Ok I’m going to sound like a luddite here, but what’s the big deal with twitter?

    I’m a fairly competent facebook user, so what can twitter do that repeatedly updating your facebook status can’t achieve?

    Or is it the anonymity of twitter – I don’t put too much stuff on facebook as it seems friends of friends can see it.

  2. That’s a long nick… makes it harder for people to retweet your comments.

    Papa: I had the same thoughts on twitter… though I’m embarrased to admit that I did find it strangely addictive after signing up to “see what all the fuss was about”. I only kept it up for a few days though… might go have a look now the ALS is on deck.

  3. There are several reasons why Twitter is useful for those of us interested in politics, as I assume most readers here are.

    Firstly, through it you get instant news – hours before it hits media website. you get news as it happens.

    Secondly, by following the people you choose, you automatically get a news ‘filter’ – you can find articles you would never have before, but also don’t need to waste your time on things you wouldn’t be interested in. By tailoring your feed to what you’re interested in, you expand considerably your news gathering, and your efficiency.

    Thirdly, through the use of hastags you can connect and make contact with others who are interested in the same things you are.

    Twitter takes time to become useful – you need to follow a critical mass of people firstly, and secondly you need to set up the programs through which you use it (common mistake people make is thinking that twitter is the twitter website).

    For now the ALS Twitter will simply be used to promote posts on this blog, but I’d certainly hope to expand this down the track.

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