Good news & bad news

The good news:

According to Indur Goklany, “Deaths from droughts, which were responsible for 59 percent of the death toll from extreme weather and climate events from 1900-2006, dropped by 99.9 percent since the 1920s. Flood deaths, which accounted for another 35 percent of the 1900-2006 figures, declined by 99 percent”. Us humans are an adaptive and tech-savvy bunch of animals, and we should be proud of our ability to deal with our natural environment.

The bad news:

According to Gabriel Alvarez, who has looked at the impact of the subsidies to renewable energy in Spain, and concludes that “since 2000 Spain spent e571,138 to create each green job” and also that “for every renewable energy job that the State manages to finance, we can be confident that on average 2.2 jobs will be destroyed, to which we have to add those jobs that the non-subsidized investment would have created”.

3 thoughts on “Good news & bad news

  1. So, you want more people alive to continue polluting the planet? You anti-earther, you!

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