FODI: the old should pay for themselves

The Festival of Dangerous Ideas (FODI) is a new festival being run by the Sydney Opera House and the St James Ethics Centre, and includes a range of speakers talking about non-mainstream ideas over the weekend of 3-4 October.

Speakers include Christopher Dawkins, Germaine Greer, Keysar Trad, Greg Barns, Julian Savulescu, Julian Morrow, Dambisa Moyo and others. On the side of all things good and honourable we have:

Yes to child labour, no to the minimum wage, by Ray Evans (5:30pm Saturday 3 October)

People with flat screen TV’s should stop whinging about capitalism, by Oliver Hartwich & Cassandra Wilkinson (12:30pm Sunday 4 October)

Old people should pay for themselves, by John Humphreys (5:45pm Sunday 4 October)

So come along, listen to some interesting talks, and get involved in the debate. Tickets go on sale on 10 August, but if you want to get some pre-sale tickets, feel free to e-mail me.

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