Aerial Advertising: A Matter of Critical Importance

I know you have been kept up late at night.

Tossing and turning. Unable to sleep, sheets drenched with sweat. Worrying about a matter of critical importance. A matter that the future of Australia may well depend upon.

I speak of course, about Aerial Advertising at Major Events.

But fear not, my friends! Hope is to hand (or at least if you live in WA). The West Australian government has leapt into action to address these grave concerns! Oh Glory be to Government!

Under the proposed Major Events (Aerial Advertising) Bill 2008, it will be, and I quote, an “Offence to display unauthorised aerial advertising”

Doesn’t that just make you feel better inside?

To quote from the Bill:

(1) A person must not display aerial advertising, or cause aerial advertising to be displayed, within sight of a specified venue during the specified time in relation to a specified event being conducted at the venue unless the display is in accordance with —
(a) a written authorisation of the event organiser to display, 10 or cause, aerial advertising to be displayed at the event;
(b) a condition specified under section 5(3)(f); or
(c) an event order for another specified event at another specified venue.

Penalty: a fine of $250 000.

In all seriousness, what would we do without the government telling aerial advertisers where they can fly their planes? I mean, my God, how could society function???

I can sleep soundly tonight. Big government has saved the day.

8 thoughts on “Aerial Advertising: A Matter of Critical Importance

  1. Skywriting is actually damn cheap; it costs about $600 per letter.

    When these laws are beiung debated in WA parliament (not after as it could get expensive) I would suggest the ALS or the LDP hire a plane and write a suitable slogan abovbe the parliamentary chamber – ‘Sky rights for all’ or some such thing.

    You might even get left-leaning anti-corporates on board with this, after all its all about big evil multinationals protecting their sponorship dollars from ambush marketing.

  2. How about a Biblical Message- “Thou, and I mean THOU, shall not give false evidence!”?
    Or, “Thou shall not forbid advertising!”

  3. Whats wrong with the world where the goverment can essentially just write whatever rules it wants and we all have to suffer. The penalty is harsh here too.

    I used to have huge balloons that I would rent to shops so they could put them on their roofs for sales/opening etc. I had to jump through so many hoops (including getting mains road ‘approval’ that it would destract drivers) just to get the right permits. Then one day the local council banned them, but they could only make it a fine of one penalty unit which was like $75, and they could issue the fine each day.

    So we just included a $75 per day fee in the hire contracts. So the goverment would come out and fine us every day, but we didn’t care. This went on for about 6 months until they managed to change the penality to $300. After that the only customers we could get were ones having huge sales, where they would easily make the $300 per day. So once agains the goverment changed it. After that it went to something stupid like a $20,000 fine. Last I heard it was now part of some act and carried a $100,000 fine to companies and $50,000 to individuals just for errecting a fucken advertising ballon!

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