4 thoughts on “Noel Pearson – political philosophy

  1. This was a truly fantastic speech.

    Ive long held the view that Aboriginal policy in this country is largely directed at maintaining ‘museum piece’ communities to abrogate the vague and poorly defined sense of guilt that permeates white Australia.

  2. Good speech. But I still don’t fully get his point. He seems to be saying that land use is a fundamental capability of the people, and without it they will have no opportunity for individual progress. I find that hard to believe. Yes land does give capability to a pocket of people, but I tend to think he still does not grasp the population size and operations of a modern world. If the aboriginal population is to move forward, the overwhelming majority will not have jobs that have anything do with ownership or use of land. Turning back to land issues is a mistake. As he said, personal responsibility is the problem here, land use changes may reduce opportunity, but they do nothing for personal responsiblility, on which I hope he continues to focus.

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