Does choosing freedom make you happy?

The following video is of an amusing speech looking at the cognitive nature of free choice and happiness. It explores a few questions. Does winning make us happy? Does freedom make us happy? Does choosing freedom make us happy? For me it also plays to an inferred question about that thing called commitment. Can a decision that cuts off options make us happy?

Some might draw political conclusions from this. I’m inclined to take a more personal perspective.

3 thoughts on “Does choosing freedom make you happy?

  1. I’d heard of a few of these experiments before. I think it’s telling that that the lecturer chose to quote Smith rather than Marx or someone else.

    Like you, Terje, I wouldn’t be quick to draw a political conclusion from this. It’s not like we always get what we want in a free society, anyway. I would be much happier if we did (or would I?)

  2. Since happiness can be synthesised it doesn’t make sense to strive for it.

    I love these TED talks. Check out this one on the Pentagon.

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