16 thoughts on “Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

  1. Every year I wait for the call and every year I’m disappointed. Now the Nobel committee is just taunting me.

  2. I really was lost for words about this yesterday… they just get more and more ridiculous with this award each year.

    It’s just… embarrassing!

  3. Repeating my comment from over at catallaxy:

    Hehe – it’s an encouragement award. A “Certificate of Participation”. When they started giving every kid on the team a trophy so they wouldn’t feel left out, did they know where it would end? A celebration of mediocrity if ever there was one…

  4. It makes sense because he hasn’t started any wars. He should get another one next year if he stays out of trouble.

  5. My self-awarding of a Nobel Prize for naming the Imperious Noun (sentences without verbs- “You idiot!”), seems quite mild and reasonable. Any other nobbled prizes to be given out?

  6. It’s a great idea of for an affirmative action prize. It’s pretty meaningless these days and makes the person feel good.

  7. You missed the best part of this award straight out of the Onion ( hardly the first time it has happened! ). It was supposedly for his part in working against proliferation of nuclear weapon s technology.
    Read a synopsis of the NPT. There is a duty to those complying with the NPT by the world community : something to reward those making an attempt to reassure their neighbours about their peaceful intentions.
    It’s called peaceful use. Now…does anyone recall that a blockade is an Act of War ? I know, the USA has done it to Cuba for decades…always with the unanimous condemnation of the world communit ; a feat in itself.
    What would you call sanctions on Iran ?
    I say it’s a perfect example of “No Good Deed Shall Go Unpunished.”
    For that to make sense you’d have to follow what el Baredi says above the din of the Noise Machine.

  8. It may seem appropriate to comment that the Peace Prize judges have insulted prior winners by awarding this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama, but looking through the past recipients list brings up a number of other unworthy recipients. Sadly, the awards have lost their respectability many years ago, but after this Obama disaster the Nobel Prizes have sunk to a level below the Porn Oscars.


  9. Hey, Hey, people! It’s OUR fault that Obama won the Prize! America was getting upset about our rampant racism, as revealed on the Hey-Hey Show, so they gave the President this medal so america wouldn’t nuke us! NOW will some of you tone it down? No more giving yanks the Bird, O.K.?

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