Documentary on environmental alarmism

The documentary “Not Evil Just Wrong” has been described as an anti-AGW film. I haven’t seen it, but I understand that the primary theme is to argue against environmental alarmism and the occasional tendency of humans to let fear drive us to silly policy. If so, then it is an important story worth telling.

The film will be premiered in private showings around the world on 18 October 2009. Various groups have arranged for screenings around Australia, with details on facebook. For those in Sydney, the screening is at Level 3, Manning Building, Manning Road, University of Sydney, and costs $15.

16 thoughts on “Documentary on environmental alarmism

  1. Why would I go and see an out-of-date film. Even the BBC is saying that Global warming aint happening! Haven’t you got anything new and cutting-edge?

  2. Looking forward to it. What are the chances that the Doc maker receives a Nobel Peace prize seeing they’re going by the dozen these days.

  3. Jarrah:

    It’s an opinion piece. it doesn’t have to from an impartial perspective like Algore’s was about AGW from a fat persons perspective.

    it may not be peer reviewed so you may not be able to watch it, however we can.

  4. Do you guys want both sides of the picture ?
    I contribute to a number of online forums. Current TV has a group focusing on collecting information available on Water stories, though they delve into agriculture.
    I’ve been ‘talking’ with farmers about our agricultural system. It isn’t sustainable. I would go so far as to say it is leading us to catastrophe.
    Precursor projects with corporate farming occurred in Brazil – actually throughout Central and South America – funded as CIA projects under Nelson Rockefeller. Yeah. That long ago.
    What I didn’t learn by reading a biography on him!
    I think today I would be thought of as a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’.
    I don’t make the stories. I just report them. The best sources ? Progressive Libertarians!
    My index has just been moved from Opera Community ( a European based community of worldwide membership ) to Blogger.
    Anyway. YouTube has a 1 hr. 33 min. Infomercial called HOME – by the Home Project. No. It is not about Climate Change or Global Warming.
    It is what it is.

  5. Just read an interesting facebook status that relates to this: “If I hear that stopping climate change ‘creates green jobs’ one more time, I’m going to break a window in fury, then create a fallacy about it.” I lol’d pretty hard xD

  6. Oh, so the extra snow in the Snowy mountains was the sign, the tipping point! It’s later than we thought, but it’s here!! We’re doomed!!!

  7. I’ve just read the most creative ‘liveboat scenario’ used in the defence of left-wing ideology that I’ve ever come accross!

    From Dave Bath:

    And then there are resource constraints to consider… and other externalities that were not so pressingly obvious in the golden age of classical liberal thinkers. Against your horseshoe analogy, I’ll put a counter-example… you put air into a bag, claim ownership… but you are in a crowded airpocket in a submerged ship. !!!!!

  8. Harry Clarke:

    Another insidious use of the media to twist public opinion is the film ‘Not Evil Just Wrong’ which I was unfortunate enough to see today – a promo is here. Endorsed by the libertarian loonies – it is a hideous instance of the big lie. Distortion built on distortion with illogic everywhere. It is a particularly nasty piece of propaganda. The junk science in the movie is demolished here.

    This is the same person who posts a thread about immigration where he advocates policies almost identical to One Nation’s. He call libertarians loons 🙂

  9. I saw it last Sunday. I thought it made some good points (DDT in South Africa, the human desire to be scared) but I also thought it had some weaknesses.

    The focus of the film was not climate change science so much as the politics of fear and the consequences of a radical green agenda.

    Personally, I thought the producers first film (Mine your own business) was better.

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