Roger Douglas to speak at LDP conference

From the LDP website:-

Sir Roger Douglas, the origin of Rogernomics and New Zealand’s champion of free markets, will be the keynote speaker at the LDP National Conference on 24 January 2010, at the Balmain Leagues Club in Sydney. The conference is open to members, supporters and the media.

This event should be of much interest to LDP members and followers. As New Zealand finance minister during the 80s Roger Douglas slashed tariffs and opened up the New Zealand economy. In many ways he was to New Zealand what Ronald Reagan was to the USA.

8 thoughts on “Roger Douglas to speak at LDP conference

  1. Ronald Reagan armed Saddam Hussein thus ensuring almost one million people died in the Iran-Iraq War, the subsequent genocide against the Kurds and Gulf Wars One and Two. Ronald Reagan also effectively put the Taliban in control of Afghanistan thus ensuring 911 and fueled various Latin American and African civil wars. All up Ronald Reagan sent at least 2 million people to an early grave.

    Roger Douglas had his problems but it is unfair to associate him with the Butcher of Hollywood.

  2. Ronald Reagan also frightened the mad mullahs of Tehran into releasing the US Embassy hostages, controlled inflation and government spending, threw out a corrupt dictatorship in Grenada, gave Libya’s Gaddafi a bloody nose and, most importantly of all, forced the collapse of the Soviet bloc. He saved hundreds of millions from oppression and poverty.

    He wasn’t perfect, but I struggle to think of anyone who achieved more. That’s why the comparison with Roger Douglas is so legitimate – both are genuine achievers. The exact opposite of most people.

  3. No serious historian credits Reagan with a key role in the collapse of the Soviet Union. The fact that he was US Prez at the time is irrelevant.

  4. From the time of the implementation of Douglas’ reforms until the present, New Zealand has ranked 26th out the the 26 OECD countries for economic growth.

    The man was a genius. Chuckle.

  5. The areas that Douglas reformed (eg farm subsidies) saw productivity improvements. In the areas where there was little/no reform… or where the reform was quickly wound back… there was little/no improvement.

    It’s important to remember the significant financial problems that NZ was facing under Muldoon in the early 1980s. Lange & especially Douglas made the hard decisions, and while that may not make them populist heros, they should be fondly remembered by thinking people.

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