Where is Abbott on Internet censorship?

Vocal concern by Liberals changed the Liberal leader and blocked the ETS in the senate. I think we should all make sure that the Liberal party knows what we think of the ALPs Internet censorship legislation. May I suggest that you call or email the office of Tony Abbott and tell him that you oppose the ALPs mandatory Internet filter. I called and emailed his electoral office.

Parliamentary Office (Canberra):-
Tel: (02) 6277 4022
Email: Tony.Abbott.MP@aph.gov.au

Electoral Office (Manly):-
Tel: (02) 9977 6411

17 thoughts on “Where is Abbott on Internet censorship?

  1. So what is the Liberal party’s stance on this issue?

    Abbott probably supports internet censorship, but I’ve just emailed him anyway.

  2. Being a religious conservative, Abbott probably supports it.

    However, as much as I diagree with his stances on a lot of things, he’s a canny politician, and should realise that this would be a good issue to whack the ALP with. Time will tell.

  3. There is no guarantee of that Papa, I have run into a few Christian conservatives who oppose it on the grounds that it represents the state taking over parental responsibilities which in their opinion, belongs in the home.

  4. I hear that, having initially been a supporter of the plan, Senator Cory Bernardi has woken up. He woke up when he realised that the internet is an important platform for furthering many things, including conservative and free-market ideals. He was horrified to find anti-abortion sites blacklisted and then realised its important for everybody to express their views freely.

    Well done Cory.

    Senator Nick Minchin has been a vocal critic of it too.

    I think there is an excellent chance that official Liberal Party policy will be to oppose ANY filter.

    If that is the case they will have an army of young people on their side, in addition to the climate skeptic army.

    I’d imagine their are alot of 18-25 year olds for whom the filter issue is the ONLY issue they care about.

  5. I’d imagine their are alot of 18-25 year olds for whom the filter issue is the ONLY issue they care about.

    I’m one of them. Well, I’m 29. And I care about other issues 🙂 But the internet filter will be the sole issue that decides my preferencing of Labor and Liberal. If Labor take the filter to the election and the Libs oppose it, I will fight down a considerable amount of personal and political dislike of Abbott and preference the Libs in both houses, regardless of anything else. I have personal reasons for caring about this – I make my living from poker and poker sites appear on the blacklist. But aside from that, I also want to do my best to teach Labor that this sort of thing is completely unacceptable from them. We don’t have a First Amendment here, so government control over the means of expression needs to be very closely watched.

  6. What ChrisV said.

    The internet filter will change my preference from “maybe Liberal” to “definitely Liberal” if they oppose it.

  7. Me too, and I’m 30. This will be the deciding factor for me in the election. The Liberals would be fools to not take the other side of this.

  8. Glad I caught this. Tony Abbot’s office has confirmed that he supports the filter…for families with children they can opt in..anyone else who wants to opt out can do so and their Net will be UNFILTERED…no “clean feed” at all.

    If you opt out you dont get a “second tier”…there is no FILTERING AT ALL.

    Tony supports the rights of adults to choose as they wish, and is against the mandatory filtering entirely.

    In short, if you want it you can have it, if not, you get left alone.

    Works for me.

  9. I don’t even see the point in an opt in option run by the government. Perhaps if they mandate that ISPs offer a free privately run filtering option based on community (not government) rating then it would be acceptable. However there are already free solutions along these lines such as the one offered by opendns and I don’t see any need for government involvement.

  10. I never would have imagined myself voting for the Libs, and especially not Tony Abbott (I vote Greens) but Conroy has ensured that I will not vote Labor. They deserve to be punished over this. Let us not forget, also, Rudd’s response to the Bill Henson controversy. It’s plain to see that Labor wants an ultra-politically-correct nanny state.

  11. The Greens oppose the internet filter. Vote Greens.

    The Greens may oppose the filter, but are otherwise one of the biggest threats to liberty this country faces.

  12. While we are wondering where they stand, Joe Hockey is opposed:

    Similarly, we see the current Federal government seeking to introduce laws that will effectively censor the Internet. Of course we all want to stop unlawful material being viewed on the Internet. There are appropriate protections that are in place for that. But I have personal responsibility as a parent. If I want to stop my children from viewing other material that I feel is inappropriate then that is my responsibility to do something about it – not that of the government.

    What we have in the government’s Internet filtering proposals is a scheme that is likely to be unworkable in practice. But more perniciously it is a scheme that will create the infrastructure for government censorship on a broader scale. Protecting liberty is about protecting freedoms against both known and future threats. Some may argue that we can surely trust a democratically-elected government in Australia to never try to introduce more wide-spread censorship. I am not so sure!

    We would all like to think that liberty in Australia does not need defending however warning bells must surely have started clanging when the South Australian Labor government sought, in a ham-fisted and ultimately unsuccessful way, to actually censor political bloggers on the Internet in the lead up to their current election.

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