Heroic Deadlines (by Ron Manners)

Late last year I went along to the book lauch of Ron Manners‘ latest offering: “Heroic Misadventures: four decades – full circle“, following Ron’s life story over the last 40 years and his many business and libertarian adventures. It’s a good read. I have previously said that a full life should be interesting enough so that you could write a book about it, and Ron passes that test.

In between representing the business interests of brothels, helping out in money laundering (back when it was respectable), making and losing lots of money, and being on the run from the tax office, Ron also found time for Australia’s first libertarian party, the Workers Party. Other members of that party include Nick Minchin, Greg Lindsay and John Singleton. The Workers party died out about 30 years ago, though Australia does now have another libertarian political party in the Liberal Democrats. But that’s enough spoilers. If you want to know the full stories, you’ll have to buy the book.

Then in the lead up to Christmas Ron sent out the following poem, which he gave me persmission to reproduce below:

Heroic Deadlines (Festive Greetings)

 My book may be called Heroic Misadventures*
 but the sub-title means much more.
 Australia: Four Decades – Full Circle
 indicates the truths which are in store.

 The Four Decades – Full Circle theme
 recently emerged clearly.
 Political policy mistakes of the ’70s
 cost following generations dearly.

 Many productive Australians driven offshore.
 A mid-term respite rescued those who survived.
 Briefly, enterprise was actually encouraged
 so this generation really thrived.

 But again we see political maniacs.
 ’70s mistakes repeated; it’s very worrying.
 Their desperate drive for tax revenue
 again sends our best and brightest scurrying.

 So my thanks to those volunteers
 who launched this book in many places,
 John Bowler, Steve Kates, Steven Schwartz, Gina Rinehart
 and Richard Court bringing smiles to so many faces.

 Now I hope you enjoy this book,
 that you find truth in my every line,
 and may it strengthen the bonds which exist
 between your own loved ones and mine.

3 thoughts on “Heroic Deadlines (by Ron Manners)

  1. The Progress Party was still around at the Millenium, though they were then very small. I went, once, to a house in Sylvania where they met on sunday afternoons. They even gave me a few copies of their paper, which I left lying around the Lands Office.
    So the Wikipaedia article is not quite correct.

  2. SRL; Most of us are pretty long in the tooth now, those who have any left that is. I joined the PP on its formation and remained with it until it disbanded in the early 80s. I have lost contact with all but a few of them. Ron Manners was probably the most effective member in the West and a name I know well although I never met him.

    If memory serves me well I saw a notice for jury service to Ron accompanied by the usual threats for non attendance along with the answer: “Thank you for your kind invitation however I must decline owing to other commitments.”

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