Censorship should be banned

The government already censors our speech (defamation laws), what we read & watch (porn laws) and what we play (no R-rating for computer games). And now, of course, they’re after the internet. Thankfully, there are a bunch of campaigns under way to oppose the “mandatory filter” great wall of censorship. So for those interested, check out:

* No Clean Feed
* Get Up “save the net” campaign
* Electronic Frontiers Australia
* Digital Liberty Coalition
* Stephen Conroy: fascist
* Great Australian internet blackout
* Libertus
* Filter this vote
* Blue Button
* March in March
* No Censorship
* Stop Internet Censorship
* Gift of censorship

And if you’re too lazy to read, this guy will try to explain it to you…

5 thoughts on “Censorship should be banned

  1. But what about the children??? They’re going to see advertising for great R and X rated movies, but they won’t have enough money to see them!!! This will create awful stresses in their young minds! Help them to not need psychiatric help in future! Support all-round prohibition, Now! Or you hate kids!! End of argument.

    (Have you heard about the new rating system? ‘G’ movies are ones where the hero gets the girl, in ‘R’ movies, the villain gets the girl, and ‘X’ movies are ones where everyone gets the girl!)

  2. I’m a fan of Internet filtering and community based content rating having implemented such filtering systems at home and at work. It is government run and government mandated and government controlled filtering that I object to. They add no value to the process and pose plenty of threat. In terms of filtering television content the government possibly does bring something to the table as there is no free simple method to filter TV content. Back when there were a very limited number of TV channels I think the argument for some filtering based on community standards had some merit. And once video systems came on the market there was plenty of scope to opt out from most of those standards. Rating systems probably informed choices and for TV some government involvement was probably the only means for maintaining some notion of community based standards. However none of these reasons carry much weight in regards to the Internet. Community based rating and filtering schemes are trivial and cheap for any network user to implement.

  3. Banning anything makes it popular. If we banned censorship, this will make it popular, and teens will censor themselves just to annoy their parents- they will become upright, moralistic churchgoers! Sounds great! Let’s do it!!!

  4. censorship is evil you idiots. it promotes hiding the truth and deception by not showing what is really happening on the world… and then THEY ARE NOT PREPARED FOR THE TRUTH it is evil it must be stopped especially from cartoons and animations. ANIMATIONS ARE NOT JUST FOR KIDS i am of age and i know the truth. i was born in the late 80’s so i really would appreicate the “ITS FOR THE CHILDREN CRAP OR ITS NOT GOOD FOR THEM.” you people who think censorship is good are all idiots. so really America needs its animated shows back… and censorship to be banned,,, it does horrible things to our good shows. look at courage the cowardly dog THAT WAS TAKEN OFF CARTOON NETWORK CAUSE THEY FEARED A LAW SUIT DUE TO CENSORSHIP! SAME WITH One Piece and lets not forget yu yu hakusho which was taken down because of evil people complaining about blah blah blah too violent… and to all you soccer moms please be quiet. you have ruined this country so bad that i feel i may have to leave when i get married… so that my children if i have any are ready for the world not dumbed down by your stupid censorship… and then become evil people who want to ruin the world for the next generation. Age does not justify the means. -post end.

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