Sean Penn Suggests Prison Time For Calling Chavez a Dictator

Sean Penn has already displayed his idiocy concerning Chavez on numerous occasions. But now he’s angry. Angry at journalists who call Chavez a dictator:

At the end of a discussion of Haiti on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, actor Sean Penn went on a rant in defense of Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, suggesting prison time for American journalists: “every day, this elected leader is called a dictator here, and we just accept it! And accept it. And this is mainstream media, who should – truly, there should be a bar by which one goes to prison for these kinds of lies.”

19 thoughts on “Sean Penn Suggests Prison Time For Calling Chavez a Dictator

  1. Chavez is not yet a dictator, though I think he would like to be, so Penn is correct on that point (The voters rejected a change in the law to extend the term of the presidency, as I recall). But I don’t think jail is an appropriate punishment, for all crimes except murder. I follow the anarcho-capitalist idea that everyone should have some form of compensation insurance, so your company pays the fine once the offence is proven before an independent court.

  2. The tag “useful idiot” is very fitting. Penn’s idiocy is unbelievable. It’s telling that he is not the object of public ridicule as he should be. Well hopefully one day.

    Chavez is clearly a socialist.
    But I think he can also be properly called a dictator based on 1) political discrimination and 2) media censorship.

    eg/ Human rights watch: “The Chávez government …… has openly discriminated against those who do not share its views. Government officials have removed scores of detractors from the career civil service, purged dissident employees from the national oil company, denied citizens access to social programs based on their political opinions, and denounced critics as subversives deserving of discriminatory treatment.”

    eg/ IACHR: “The IACHR also notes a troubling trend of punishments, intimidation, and attacks on individuals in reprisal for expressing their dissent with official policy.
    The Commission notes a trend toward the use of criminal charges to punish people exercising their right to demonstrate or protest against government policies.”

    2) Media censorship eg/ “the government refused to renew the license of the opposition television station RCTV in May 2007 because of its obstinate refusal to soften its editorial line”

    Click to access VENEZUELA%202009%20ENG.pdf

    I have previously come across a list of the human rights abuses in the country since Chavez came to power. But I can’t remember where it was. Anyway here’s one I just found:

  3. Penn is still pissed off about Team America taking the mickey out of him, and all the other rich Hollywood actors who suck up to socialist dictators (or wannabee dictators)

  4. Penn is a bleeding heart leftie who thinks he has all the answers. He was good in Milk because he thought it was in a good cause.

    Even if Chavez was a lily white saint rather than a corrupt socialist wannabe dictator, Penn’s inability to tolerate what others say about him says a lot.

    People like that should never be put in positions of power. Remember Cartman “You will respect my authority!”

  5. A dictatorship is a country that does not recognize individual rights, whose government holds total, unlimited power over men. – Ayn Rand

  6. It’s intriguing how words change. The original Latin term ‘dictator’ was a senator who had been temporarily appointed for a limited term to deal with an emergency! Now it’s a term of insult. Next we’ll be saying that Tyranny is bad!

  7. Yes, we have been rather lax… perhaps we need more contributors? Or more likely, just one or two people who post frequently, rather than the occasional posts like myself. It does seem to go in stops and starts…

  8. I wonder what Sean thinks of Chavez now, with the arrests of the leaders of the Venezuelan opposition parties? This seems like something only a would-be dictator would do!

  9. You think he’s say anything different, Nuke? He’d come up with all sorts of reasons why they were evil… I mean, he wanted critics to do prison time, so why oppose it in practice?

  10. The left in case you haven’t noticed Nuke, tend to be crazies, they need to be to believe the stuff they do. In Hollywood they tend to be crazies who have no perception of reality.

    I can remember Phillip Adams justifying the Tiananmen square massacre on the basis that few Australians really understand the magnitude of the threat that these radicals represented to established law and order in China. Phill tends to have a different view of what is acceptable as due process in countries that he approves of.

  11. Jim, that’s disturbing about Phillip Adams… do you have a related link? (I don’t doubt you – Adams has shown himself a useful idiot many times over – but I like to keep tabs on these things… I’m really thinking that we need a “name and shame” archive)

  12. “I can remember Phillip Adams justifying the Tiananmen square massacre on the basis that few Australians really understand the magnitude of the threat that these radicals represented to established law and order in China.”

    You mean, like overthrowing a communist dictatorship with a market democracy.

    The horror.

  13. I remember seeing it, I think on ABC (well thats a no brainer) but its a long time ago, although I still remember the feeling of disgust that filled me at the time.

    I chased the net for references to it a few times over the years but it seems to be too long ago.

    Brookes News Gerard Jackson has done a number of articles on the subject of Adams:

    Venting his left-wing loathing for Western values Adams shamelessly reported how he sat at Sharpton’s feet in the pretentiously named Hall of Justice (Rupert Murdoch’s Australian, 17/7/99). Adams whined about the lack of white faces in the crowd. That so few whites were present might have had something to do with Sharpton’s bigotry was never given a thought by Adams. ….

    Adams enjoys flaunting his alleged tolerance while publicly flaying sundry racists and anti-Semites. But his Sharpton apologia exposed him as the moral poseur so many of us have always known him to be. The same man who ruthlessly used his column to excoriate the decrepit Eric Butler for his anti-Semitism debased himself before another anti-Semite, telling us that this peddler of hate “has his heart.” (How sweet.) ….

  14. Just in, Cato is reporting that Chavez has arrested Guillermo Zuloaga, president of Globovision for speaking out about him. sounds like he is taking Penns advice.

    Today, the Venezuelan government arrested Guillermo Zuloaga, president of Globovision Television, the only remaining television on public airwaves critical of Hugo Chavez. According to the government, Zuloaga made offensive comments about Chavez (which is against the law in Venezuela) while speaking at a conference of the Inter-American Press Association (IAPA) in Aruba, where media representatives criticized the Venezuelan regime’s crackdown on freedom of speech.

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