Well, Rudd and Abbott had their big healthcare debate, and it was all predictably rather boring. Most pundits (even Bolt) are awarding the “win” to Rudd, but I’d say it was closer to a draw (and slightly in Abbott’s favour if anything – to me, he just made more sense). The worm has come in for some criticism, and rightly so. Channel Nine’s worm was rating highly for Rudd even before he spoke, and went into negative territory when the camera switched to Abbott.

Online polls show mixed results, with The Age and SMH readers giving it to Rudd, and and The Australian giving it to Abbott. In the end, I don’t think the debate will change anyone’s vote.

This debate in Australia takes place 1 day after the US passed ObamaCare. John Stossel discusses the three worst ingredients of this horrible recipe on his blog.

5 thoughts on “Healthcare

  1. A point to consider- the worm is the kiss of death, usually getting it wrong. The worm didn’t like howard, and liked Beazley and Latham. so the worm is like an albatross. We should interpret this omen as good for the Liberals.

  2. I think the worm liked Howard against Keating, didn’t it? I can’t actually remember, though I recall Howard did a lot better there – especially when Keating didn’t know the price of bread or milk (a silly question, but one I’m sure all candidates make sure they’re aware of for debates now)

    Anyway, the worm seems to favour ALP candidates – much like normal polling. I think people often feel that conservatives aren’t as “nice,” even if they think they’re “right”.

  3. It’s called the shy tory effect, it’s well documented.

    People aren’t willing to admit to liking conservatives in any arena where they might be discovered by the usual suspects. But in the privacy of the polling booth, they vote how they want.

  4. A letter in ‘The Australian’ had a better angle on the worm. Of course it supports Rudd- worms love B*llsh*t!

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