Deadly Greens

A truly disgusting situation, but sadly not surprising:

The Gibe III dam on the Omo River in Ethiopa, once completed, will be Africa’s second largest hydroelectric dam. The third stage in a five-part dam project, Gibe III is expected to extend electricity access to large swathes of the Ethiopian population, to raise per capita income levels, and to save lives by reducing the impact of droughts and floods. And yet, some environmentalists are not happy about this income-generating, life-changing and life-saving project, and have this week renewed their campaign to bring it to a halt.

The environmental extremists really are deadly. Why is it always so-called “progressives” that are against progress?

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3 thoughts on “Deadly Greens

  1. Well Steve, Singo in his book Rip van Australia, back in 77 described the first of the ‘trendy left, the Australia Party as follows:

    If you live in Glebe, wear a Solzhenitsyn beard, drive a Renault 16 with a “Don’t mine Myall Lakes sticker on the back, hold trendily ‘radical left’ opinions indicating a ;deep concearn for humanity’ and ‘social awareness’, and work somewhere in the social work/welfare field, then you probably vote for or have voted for the Australia party.

    At best the Australia Party is a classier more socially acceptable way to vote for the Labor Party through the preferential voting system. At best(?)

    It’s in the mentality or lack of it, not the social standing, although most would consider that standing to be vastly above us plebs.

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