Questioning the climate crusade

From the 16th to 18th of May the Heartland Institute will be hosting their 4th international conference on climate change in Chicago.

Heartland takes a position that has variously been described as “denialist”, “skeptical” or “realist”, but which I like to call “non-scared”. I say that because the conference includes science contrarians (Willie Soon, Richard Lindzen, Fred Singer, Chris Monckton), but it also includes people who accept the mainstream story of a warming planet caused by greenhouse gases (and I cautiously include myself in that category) but who nonetheless don’t believe this represents an impending catastrophe, and it certainly doesn’t justify rushing into bad public policy.

I went along to their 2nd conference in March 2009 as a representative of the Australian Libertarian Society, which is a co-sponsor, and thought it was a very worthwhile event. The quality of the speakers was variable, with some unconvincing presentations mixed in with some interesting and high-quality talks. I particularly liked Pat Michaels (who I later arranged  to visit Australia as a guest of the CIS), Gabrial Calzada, Myron Ebell, and Ross McKitrick. Thankfully, all of those speakers will be back for this conference.

This time around I was lucky enough to be able to arrange one of the sessions. The speakers for our 90 minutes include Senator Cory Bernardi (talking about how Australia avoided an ETS), Dr Joseph Clark (talking about non-government responses to climate change) and myself (looking at the economics of the governments ETS policy).

Other Australians at the conference will include Alan Moran, William Kininmonth, Kesten Green, Ian Plimer, Bob Carter and Garth Paltridge. Tim Andrews has even threatened to fly up from Washington DC to be a guest star.

If you would like to join us, I do have some free conference tickets available, though you’ll have to arrange your own flights (check for cheap flights) and accommodation. Those interested can contact me on

2 thoughts on “Questioning the climate crusade

  1. I heard a report on the radio this morning that said Rudd is defering the ETS until 2013. That sounds like an election cycle thingy.

  2. “(and I cautiously include myself in that category)”

    Why? Its not a matter of personal fear or otherwise. The world s natural processes neither hang on the fears of puny humans, nor stabilises as a result of optimism, or human confidence.

    Good evidence suggests we live in a catastrophic galaxy. And extremely severe holocausts are probably on their way as we read and type. None of them to do with too much CO2. And none of them to do with long-run excessive warmth.

    People will see through these vacuous demonstrations of personal confidence, just as they see through CO2-bedwetting. The whole idea is to follow the evidence. To prepare for authentic threats, and to ignore emotionally driven and imaginary faux-threats.

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