Queensland police to raise revenue.

Bloody hell, the Bligh government is in what it likes to pretend is a campaign against disorderly behavior. In reality it is setting out to make it easier for the police force to raise revenue for an overspending government, which has taken us from debt free, to lower credit ratings and massive deficits.

The latest ploy after massively increasing the existing fine structure, because they claimed it didn’t impact enough, is to give the police the power to issue on the spot fines for “inappropriate behavior.” Some of these fines are in the order of $300.

This is in a state where the police asked for fines for jaywalking to be increased to $75 plus a demerit point off your license.  Just what the hell does walking have to do with driver’s licenses?  Something as harmless as not wearing a seatbelt costs $300. On one occasion here, in the main street, the cops found a stop sign, which was obscured by bushes and set up a trap for motorists. They were really raking it in for Anna.

This is a clear indication of how the police view their role, not road safety, but revenue raising. If they were in any way concerned about safety in a slow flowing area, the logical move would have been to point it out to the Council, not set a trap.

Actions like this make you wonder just what inspires them to get up in the morning, put that blue uniform on and be just busting to get out there to make pricks of themselves. Lots of petty regulations as we have now mean that we get the sort of people joining the force, who like the idea of ramming them down our throats. These are the sort of people who are getting this power over us.

Mind you, this is not for illegal behavior, the proper realm of policing where people cause damage or harm to others, but that nebulous phrase inappropriate which is any sort of behavior viewed by someone as in some way, well not appropriate, whatever that might mean. This means that it is essentially a matter of luck on what cop happens to be around as to whether that bit of harmless fun costs you dearly or not.

Fines of one hundred dollars for swearing is ridiculous, and when it comes down to it, just what words constitute swearing? Bloody is a swear word in the eyes of some. This whole thing is draconian and has no place in a free society.

The actions of the state government are inappropriate behavior, but you can bet your arse they won’t be fined for it.

3 thoughts on “Queensland police to raise revenue.

  1. As a Qlder living abroad who doesn’t much keep up with the goings on there I’d appreciate if anyone could tell me how the state got into so much debt. Where did all that money go?

  2. Jaz; We have a state government that believes that when things look bad and those unsophisticated bastards like you and me tighten our belts, it is the responsibility of the state to spend like hell to make up for us. It is probably difficult for you to understand as you are probably using the old fashioned ‘common sense’ based thinking.

    The billions just roll off her tongue.

  3. A $100 dollar fine for swearing?

    Any ideas on mounting a peaceful nonviolent civil disobedience campaign? Possibly including a lot of swearing outside parliament house? Maybe a contest where everyone tells their version of The Aristocrats?

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