Highway Robbery, ORP Ad.

The Outdoor Recreation Party (ORP) has just released a new ad featuring one of the serious issues of out times, the use of road rules for revenue raising. I have touched on this in a previous post, but this comes from NSW.

The ORP have a great deal in common with the LDP as with the growing influence of the Greens and other zealots such as the gun control freaks, the Liberals and Labor Parties stage a competition each electoral cycle to restrict our access to much of what we traditionally regard as recreational areas. As result many healthy activities such as hunting, fishing, horse riding, four wheel driving, and so on are either being restricted or denied access to many areas.

You are not even allowed to take your dog for a run in many places. These guys are worth supporting if you value what freedoms you have left.

3 thoughts on “Highway Robbery, ORP Ad.

  1. We’re onto you, Jim! You just don’t want cops to get rich from bribes or traffic fines! I’ll bet you think governments should live within their means, as well!

  2. The ORP is in effect the NSW branch of the LDP. At least for election purposes until such time as the LDP is registered at a state level.

  3. I notice LDP’s David Leyonhjelm is the ORP’s candidate in the Penrith by-election… surprised it wasn’t mentioned here. I have voted ORP in the past, because they seemed most libertarian.

    The Penrith by-election should be interesting. It’s a very pro-Labor seat (only one term in it’s history has it been held by Libs). I had thought it to be the same as federal Lindsay electorate, but that’s not the case. The Penrith state electorate doesn’t include newer housing estates (such as Glenmore Park) – where voting intentions tend to be more volatile – but includes older ALP-leaning suburbs that Lindsay doesn’t (From Emu Plains, right out to Glenwood and Blaxland). Needs a TPP swing of over 9%.

    Despite all this, Libs are still the bookies favourite – being offered 1.05 at Centrebet. That’s pretty bad for ALP!

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