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The ALS is not aligned with any political party but I am. I’m a member of the LDP and more recently I have applied online to also join EFN. With an election looming libertarians should join a political party. Make a difference.

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  1. Yes of course.

    I just found out that EFN did a voluntary deregistration in April. How silly.

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  3. TerjeP – do any parties prevent you from joining others as a condition of membership? – e.g. could you join both the Libs and ALP? Greens and Family First? etc.

  4. Yes the major parties won’t let you join if you’re already a member of another party.

  5. Major parties do, minor parties (especially those not yet registered) often don’t. It just depends though, check each party’s constitution.

  6. I spoke this evening with the president (Richard) of EFN (who I met last election) about why EFN was deregistered. Apparently they have 600 members but when the AEC took a random sample of 20 members it could not contact 8 of them. This is tragic and I hope they manage to rectify this and get registered. Richard pointed out that if somebody such as myself joins both parties the AEC may ask them to decide which party they support for the purposes of registration. Whilst I will vote 1 for the LDP I’d be inclined to offer my support to the EFN on the understanding that the LDP has cleared the registration hurdle.

    EFN support a carbon tax which I have some sympathy for. However the only real reason I support EFN is because I strongly believe that Australias domestic prohibition of nuclear power is illogical and needs to be confronted. EFN on the ballot would put the issue in the spotlight.

    More than usual I think people at the next election will be looking for a minor party with which to park their primary vote. I prefer that people are confronted with a comprehensive democratic menu not a spartan one. And I’d really like nuclear power on the menu.

  7. Weird- I was just saying that the more pro-freedom parties registered for the election the better and then I rattled off a list of parties that are more pro-freedom than the status quo and linked to their websites.

    Some of them are not yet registered, so membership would help them with that hurdle.

    There was:
    Liberal Democrats
    Sex Party
    Pirate Party
    Secular Party
    HEMP Party

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