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Given it is election season and all I thought that you and some of your friends might be trying to figure out what you actually believe. Well don’t sweat it. We at the Libertarian Society have done all the hard work for you. Just answer the questions on the following quiz and we will tell you what you believe and the circumstances under which you believe it. 😉

10 thoughts on “Libertarian Quiz

  1. It’s a good quiz. most people belong to the Libertarian thought process like myself…a former Libertarian Party card holder. Former because the Libertarian Party is stagnate and the growth rate stays in the plus or minus 1K people yearly so as a third party they fail..not to mention their vague platform and elitist “pure” members.
    Once you find out you are Libertarian the best thing to do is push Libertarian minded candidates in the Republican party because at least they have a better chance of getting elected and spreading the Libertarian ideal over the restrictive party.

  2. hmmm. According to the quiz I’m further out on the liberal democratic axis than the LDP. Yet I’m far from the most extreme of Libertarians if my little exchange with Brett the anarcho-capitalist a few threads ago is anything to go by.

  3. Not sure the social score for ALP is accurate anymore since with their policies on things like Internet filtering, etc… they’ve actually become more socially authoritarian in recent times.

  4. Papa, IIRC the position of the LDP refers to LDP policies and not the views of any particular LDP member. I’m sure quite a few LDP members (e.g. me) are further out than the actual party policies are.

    Fleeced: True, but the test can only answer the questions given, I don’t think there is a question about internet filtering so the ALP score won’t change a lot.

  5. I’m further out than the actual policies. I personally think that on any given issue the LDP should be just a bit more liberal than the most liberal of the other parties. On some issues such as tax policy it is actually a lot more liberal than the next most liberal party. It should be advocating a reform agenda that is bold but sellable and on the whole that is what it does. It should be proposing a pure libertarian endpoint that will seem entirely unobtainable to most voters. It is good to lead the pack but if you get too far ahead people can’t see how to follow.

  6. Great point Terje, if the Liberals hadn’t made the term liberal stink we could probably claim to be the only real liberals in the contest. Classical liberals in the main have nowhere to go and possibly have fantasies of nuking Abbott and his lot. Hopefully the press will be looking for something more from us than soundbites on sex, and perhaps we can manage to turn the conversation to the ways we will let the people solve the problems of the nation by getting the government off their backs, and the hand of the state off their wallets. We want their eye out of our keyholes as well, but economics and freedom are the issues to pull mainstream voters.

  7. I do not think it’s all crazy. The Liberals are fiscally conservative, but viewed as a liberal on social issues. So I think we should distinguish between social and fiscal issues in the consideration of the parties and their positions. We support limited government libertarians in all aspects. The problem I had with this game is that it has more of an inclination anarchists, of which there are some in the Libertarian Party.

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