Immigration debate in Melbourne

I received this email:

Just letting you know about a debate (and panel discussion)  in Carlton this Thursday evening (August 12) .
The topic “Immigration: should we apply the brakes
Speakers: Sinclair Davidson (IPA) and Chuck Berger (ACF)
Panel:    Cam Walker (Friends of the Earth), Arthur Dent (aka Albert Langer …., Jill Quirk (Sustainable Population, Australia).
Full details are here: The Monthly Argument
It would be rather useful if you mention it at Thoughts on Freedom (or anywhere else!)  – we want the audience to contain an interesting mix of people, not just the usual suspects ….. trying to break the mould  a bit here.  Hope you can come along yourself.

2 thoughts on “Immigration debate in Melbourne

  1. I am not going near Melbourne, but Dick Smith, the millionaire, has voiced opinions about how we need to concentrate on sustainability. He might be someone who would add interest to your discussion. I don’t know how you would get in touch with him, but he sounds like he’d firmly defend his ideas!

  2. Saw D.Smith on Thursday night. Not sure if he was just being provocative to elicit comments, or whether he means it, but he stirred up debate!

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