Adopted by homosexuals

It has finally come to pass that in NSW same sex couples now have what parts of the media refer to as a right to adopt a child. Whilst I don’t think anybody should have a “right” to adopt children I think it is long over due that same sex couples should be permitted to adopt and should be considered on their individual merit. Obviously the welfare of the child must continue to remain the determining factor.

The legislation was passed after MPs were allowed a conscience vote on the issue. With the new federal government promising a conscience vote on same sex marriage it seems possible that sexuality may soon cease to be a point of significant discrimination within the law. At least for those living in NSW.

6 thoughts on “Adopted by homosexuals

  1. In Victoria adoption is not yet legal by both same-sex parents. But it is possible to have adoption by one parent. It’s also possible for gay couples to take a child into permanent care or a foster situation.

    The debate in parliament of same sex marriage is really one of the last sticking points remaining. Once that is taken care of sexuality stops being a legal issue and starts being a social issue. While the rate of gay youth suicide continues being triple that of the average youth suicide rate there will be need for social activism. But not by the government anymore.

  2. I would only support this law if the child was of the opposite gender to the ‘parents’. Any fears of child abuse would be neutralised by this practice.

  3. That’s bigotry plain and simple, Nuke.

    There’s no reason to think a gay couple will abuse their male adoptive child any more than there is to think that a man in a heterosexual relationship will abuse a female adoptive child.

    It’d be great if we could prevent all adoptive children from any chance of abuse, or children being raised by biological parents for that matter. The restriction on the law abiding and the invasion of privacy such an assurance would entail is not justified however. And even with a massive increase in state paternalism and taxation guaranteed assurance would not be achieved.

  4. Geez, that’s the sort of comment I’d expect to see posted by one of the religious bigots on the Menzies House forum. By that logic heterosexual couples shouldn’t allowed to adopt because the child must be the opposite sex to one of the adoptive parents.

  5. Nuke; fear or concerns from other people, not involved in a situation, is no ground for determining rights. This justification can be used to ban free speech, euthanasia, abortion, gambling, short trading, smoking, drug use etc. It is unnerving that a libertarian would use this kind of logic which is so against the moral basis of libertarianism. Then again, moderates, even more than minarchists, have never taken the moral issue of non-aggression seriously.

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